Looking for Clubhouse? You've found it. But as of September 7th ournewnameisShortcut.

Execute commands more efficiently with the Action Bar

Tiffany Go

We are excited to share a powerful new feature that evolved from our last Hackathon, the Action Bar.

The Action Bar is a quick launch command menu that puts many important actions in Shortcut at your fingertips. Execute commands with just a few keystrokes to get more work done, faster.

Activate the Action Bar with two keystrokes

With a simple keyboard command, let the Action Bar do the work for you!

  • For Mac: cmd + k
  • For PC: ctrl + k

The Action Bar!

Enable crazy fast workflows with the Action Bar

Here are some of our favorite Action Bar commands we use to navigate quickly through Shortcut:

Create a new Story

Quickly launch the Story creation modal in a snap from wherever you are in Shortcut 💨💨💨

Create a new Story

Zip around Shortcut with less clicks!

Flip from the Epic page to the Iterations page and back with fewer clicks and distractions to your workflow.

Navigate around Shortcut with less disruption

Toggle Dark Mode on or off

Flip Dark Mode on or off without having to navigate to Settings.

Toggle Dark Mode on and off

Invite a New User

Get new teammates into Shortcut faster without having to navigate into the Settings page.

Invite a new User

We’re just getting started with this feature! If there are other commands you’d like to see, please let us know in the comments below or send us a note.