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Shortcut + Slack Integration

Shortcut + Slack Integration

Make conversations more actionable with Slack Actions

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How many times have you been talking about a feature or an update in Slack and thought, “We should create a Story for this!”? Now, the newest update to the Shortcut and Slack integration makes it easier to turn your conversations into actions so you can create more quickly.

Here are three ways the improved integration makes your conversations more actionable:

  1. Create new Stories from Slack conversations

How to create a Story from a Slack conversation

Without leaving Slack, you will be able to:

  • Designate the name of a Story
  • Set the Project and Owner for a Story
  • Edit the description text carried over from a Slack comment

2.  Get Story updates in Slack

Just as before, you can keep your team in-sync with Project level updates from Shortcut in Slack:

  • Story Creation Updates: As your teammates create Stories in Shortcut, notifications are posted to the designated Project’s corresponding channel in Slack.
  • Story Comment Updates: New comments on Shortcut Stories are posted to the Project’s designated channel in Slack, so you are kept in the loop even when action isn’t required on your part.

3.  Preview Story Information

Once you update your Slack integration you'll also enjoy new link unfurling, which provides additional context like Story ID, Type, and Epic to every Story link you or your teammates post in Slack

We hope you find the newest version of the integration helpful! Be sure to update to the latest version of the Shortcut + Slack integration to take advantage of all these great features. Step by step instructions for how to update the app are available in this Help Center article.

Happy Creating!

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