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Make Project Management better by getting SaaSy with Shortcut

Zachary Ozer

Did you know that our VP of Engineering, Zach Ozer, was on two different podcasts over the past couple of months? Become a knower of this (and more) by reading through the rest of this blog post, the first of many to come that will highlight talks, interviews, and other appearances by Shortcut customers and employees.

Back in February Zach appeared on LinearB's Dev Interrupted podcast to discuss how to make project management software better (aka how to make it not suck).

Dev Interrupted: Making Project Management Not Suck

Scaling a company is a challenge when everything is working great, but when your data is fragmented across multiple systems and your engineering team struggles to see the full picture of product and engineering life cycles, it can be nearly impossible. In this episode of Dev Interrupted podcast Zach and Dan Lines, the COO of LinearB, discussed:

  • What’s broken with software development project management today
  • How engineering organizations can eliminate status update meetings
  • What a dev-first project management tool does different 
  • How LinearB and are partnering together to make things better

Give it a listen. And don't forget to check out our integration with them, which was launched alongside this episode.

And then later in March he made another appearance on:

The Cybrary Podcast: How Project Managers Get SaaSy with Shortcut

Host Mike Gruen (Cybrary's VP of Engineering) and Zach discussed all things development, product planning, and how to help junior and senior engineers be more effective and enjoy their jobs. Zach also offered key insights into how engineers and PMs at Shortcut further their initiatives, as well as how to parse and implement customer feedback into product development.

You can watch it via the YouTube video above or listen here. Cybrary is a Shortcut customer and they offer a ton of great courses to help develop your Cybersecurity skills (should you need some help developing such skills).

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