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Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate streamlines their OKR process with Shortcut



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Amsterdam, Netherlands; London, UK

Ace & Tate is a Dutch eyewear company building an industry-leading brand across their digital and physical retail spaces in Europe. Says Jons Janssens, head of digital at Ace & Tate: "I wanted to build an experience in which the online and offline worlds are completely integrated." Creating this seamless experience requires deft coordination, and Shortcut helps them do it.

Before Shortcut, they were using JIRA, but decided to switch as Shortcut fits their product strategy set up better. Once they were able to get everyone onboard and set up their existing structure within Shortcut, it was smooth sailing.

"Once you get it in your system, it works really well. It's fast and it's responsive, and it fits well with the way our team works, letting us streamline the team and the OKRs we use," says Jons.

The Daily Review

The digital team starts every day with a morning standup meeting, during which they review everything on their physical kanban board and on their Shortcut board. They share the responsibility of keeping the physical board up-to-date amongst team members, with a different one moving the tickets every day.

The development, design, and growth marketing employees all report to Jons. He is a strong believer that you need to have at least three skill sets together to make good progress on projects, which is why he immediately insisted on adding design and growth marketing employees to his group. Together, they run biweekly sprints to keep them focused, using tags to filter for the current sprint, plus a "Grooming" tag that they use for their grooming sessions.

A New Vision

When Ace & Tate decided to overhaul their website, they took that huge change as an opportunity to make sweeping changes across their stack, opting to swap out their project management infrastructure as well. They stumbled upon Shortcut during their search for alternatives and it proved a hit.

What we really like about Shortcut is the open architecture - we can build our own additions using the API. The fact that it's dedicated to software development is also important.Jons Janssens, Head of Digital, Ace & Tate

Eyes on the Prize

At Ace & Tate, they maintain a goal-oriented roadmap that integrates well with Shortcut's sensible defaults. Their development process is focused on OKRs (Objectives and Key Results). Objectives translate nicely into Milestones in Shortcut, Key Results can be defined as Epics, and then the steps needed to execute on this vision are represented as individual Stories to be assigned across the various teams.

With Shortcut, this eyewear retailer has been able to adopt a simple yet powerful, cross-functional workflow and focus more of its attention on delivering a great experience to its customers.

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