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MakeSpace uses Shortcut to keep their teams on track towards making storage easier for their customers

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With four markets across the country and plans to expand, MakeSpace is making storage easier for customers in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.. They pick up and deliver your belongings, provide free bins to keep you organized, never increase their rates, and even provide an app that lets you measure your items, schedule pickups, and manage what you have in storage.

When people’s belongings are on the line, you have to stay organized. That’s why MakeSpace uses Shortcut to keep their teams on track.

Scaling Up with Shortcut

Yasmin Nozari, VP of Product at Makespace, says the product team at MakeSpace started using Shortcut a few years ago. “My manager had a checklist of all the things he wanted or would have in an ideal world in his product management tool, and after comparing a few competing products, Shortcut came out on top.”

Yasmin notes, “Our team was using GitHub story tracking and a few other things before, and they just weren’t sustainable for the size of our team and the scope of projects we’re working on, so I was quite excited to go to a Kanban style board and use Shortcut.”

Documentation and Collaboration

MakeSpace likes to keep their work processes collaborative, while making sure to document their ideas and actions taken throughout a project. Yasmin says her team usually tracks their notes from meetings in the related Shortcut Epic, although if it’s related to a specific Story, the notes will go there instead. That way, she notes, “we can go back and remember exactly what we discussed and what the action items are.”

"Shortcut really allows us to provide structure and processes, it keeps us organized and focused."
Yasmin Nozari, MakeSpace’s VP of Product

Her team has around 25 users with multiple projects, so they make ample use of the filtering features. “It lets us know exactly what we’re working on and why, and helps us prioritize smaller stories that might not be part of a huge project, but still add a lot of value that we do need to finish.”

Every week, the product managers and tech leads from the five product teams prioritize the stories, putting the most important ones in the “priority” column. Their daily workflow is to always be documenting any feature, bug, chore in Shortcut so there is a record of every action the team makes. Designers, engineers, and product managers all use the Shortcut tool to manage their roadmaps. They utilize Teams to create unique workflows for the respective teams so everyone is working in a flow that specifically matches their functions and process. When planning stories and projects, they continually ask themselves why and the value that the task/idea will bring to the organization. Epics that are associated with those stories also get looked at, to make sure that the team is only focusing on what’s most important.

Increased Transparency

Shortcut also allows the MakeSpace team members to be more transparent with each other. “In the Epic description, I tend to link out to a product requirements document or some of our analytic dashboards, along with writing a summary about the value of the Epic and why we’re doing it. It lets everyone on our team — the other engineers and designers — fully engage with the reasons that this project is being prioritized over another project, which helps everyone stay on track.”

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