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Reincubate chose Shortcut because to support the multiple workflows needed for their Cloud, Desktop, Mobile, and API products



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London, UK

Reincubate team

It’s likely you’ve felt the pain of breaking your phone or panicked when your computer crashes. The pain and panic is usually followed by the stress caused by trying to recover lost photos, contacts, documents and other priceless data from your broken device.

Back in 2008, after one too many headaches caused by losing data, Aidan Fitzpatrick was inspired to create an app which could recover lost mobile data. His goal was to create easy to use tools that didn’t require an expensive trip to an electronic repair shop or cellular retailer to recover lost data. This idea continued to evolve and, today, Reincubate is democratizing access to app and device data that would otherwise be inaccessible. With Reincubate’s technology individuals and companies now have control over their data on a transparent and ethical basis.

The growing pains of scaling a product and team

Over the past ten years, Reincubate has expanded its product from an API tool to support a cloud, desktop, and mobile app. Along with these expanded offerings, the team grew from two to fifteen people to form the Engineering, Product, Sales and Customer Success teams. After a few years, each team found themselves using their own preferred project management tools, due to individual preferences and having different workflows.

As a result of this situation, the team started to feel pain in three key areas

  1. Lack of visibility and cross-functional communication: Disparate systems made it very difficult for anyone to see what was being worked on in another team or collaborate as a company.
  2. Siloed data: Building dashboards and reporting took forever and was a painful and difficult process with so many different data sources to aggregate.
  3. No source of truth: Managing projects was a pain and it was incredibly difficult to find an accurate status of any project.

Finding a project management tool that worked for the whole Reincubate team

Aidan and his team quickly identified the need for a robust project management system to address these problems. He knew that they would need a product that was simple enough for non-technical teams, but robust enough to support multiple workflows needed to support the Cloud, Desktop, Mobile and API products.

Aidan and his team came up with a deliberate process that allowed them to choose a new tool by creating a master list of necessary features with representation from each team at Reincubate. They then researched options and carefully vetted each possible vendor against the criteria that was laid out as a company.

During the evaluation process, the Reincubate team looked at 6 other project management tools. Ultimately they chose Shortcut for these three key differentiators:

  • Intuitive - Shortcut was easy for the entire team to use, not just technical folks. The tool was also customizable enough to fit the varied workflows across the company without extraneous features.
  • GitHub Integration  - The Shortcut GitHub integration enables technical team to work seamlessly in their terminal without having to bounce between tools. The ability to sync automated updates gives the non-technical team visibility into the status of what i being worked on outside of Shortcut.
  • Fast performance After trialing Shortcut the team was impressed with the real-time updates and lack of lag time compared to other project management tools they were using before.

Better collaboration with fewer meetings using a tool everyone enjoys using

The Reincubate team has now been using Shortcut for close to two years and Aidan is very happy with the positive changes he’s witnessed since they’ve transitioned to Shortcut.

Aidan has seen a noticeable difference in the team's energy,

Now that everyone is on Shortcut I’ve observed a positive overhaul in cross-functional collaboration. There are fewer meetings and more quality meetings.Aidan Fitzpatrick, CEO, Reincubate

By using Milestones to measure quarterly progress and Epics to manage larger projects each team has visibility in what others are doing.

Finally, he highlights the simplicity of the tool as one of the main reasons the entire team actually enjoys using Shortcut. As Aidan eloquently describes it “Life is too short to spend creating subtasks for other Tasks. Shortcut works for us because of the usability. It’s built with the user in mind, versus simply adding new features and overcomplicating things.”

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