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Science Guy and Dr. Mouse preside over the creation of Dot in the Shortcut Lab

Shortcut Labs

You get early access to new features. We get feedback. We improve and release those features. You get more new features.

Experiment with our latest and greatest...

Start using our newest features before they're widely available.


Creation of Dot in the Shortcut Lab

Current Shortcut Labs Features

As features move to general availability, newer features replace them.

All Labs features have graduated!

All Labs features have graduated to general availability. We’re working on some exciting new stuff that will show up in Labs soon.

Dot and Dr. Mouse turn the tables on Science Guy

Launched Features

These used to be in early access, but are now available to everyone.


The Roadmap is like a fancy timeline, showing a filterable view of what's happening across the org.


Defined, time-boxed Sprint planning for selected Stories.

Created vs completed chart

Track the ratio of Stories being created to Stories being, well, you get the idea.

Time spent in workflow state chart

Identify patterns and bottlenecks by analyzing the amount of time Stories remain in each state.

Power Bar

Get keyboard-friendly nav, search, shortcuts, and actions. Throw your mouse away.

Google Sheets Integration

Connect your Story data to a Google Sheet for custom analysis and advanced reporting.