Looking for Clubhouse? You've found it. But as of September 7th ournewnameisShortcut.

The full stack of rewards.

Share your love of Shortcut with a friend, and we’ll reward your organization, your friend’s organization , and you.

  • Your friend’s organization

    2 Months Free
    Your referral gets two months free on any paid plan after the 14-day trial period.
  • Your organization

    $500 Credit
    Once your referral has paid two consecutive monthly invoices, your organization gets a $500 account credit. Alternatively, you can choose to receive a $500 team dinner on us!
  • Personal rewards

    AirPods or $250 Amazon Gift Card

    1 Referral

    iPad Pro + accessories

    2 Referrals

    MacBook Pro

    5 Referrals

    Everyone is eligible to win these for successful referrals.

The more people you bring into Shortcut, the more you get