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Shortcut for remote teams

This is almost every software team in the world now, which is why Shortcut makes it easier and more enjoyable to plan and build with your teams, no matter where you (or they) are.

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Remote teams can use Shortcut to:

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Have fewer meetings

As well as video calls and emails. Just jump into Shortcut to provide feedback and immediately see the status of how work is progressing.

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Stay connected

Collaborate effortlessly with your teammates using Stories, Groups, our mobile apps, and a long list of other features that provide quick visibility into what everyone is working on.

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Schedule and structure their day

Use Dashboards to automatically surface your most important work. No need to spend time constantly reworking priorities when they're always right in front of you.

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Keep all work in one place

Work and communication both can happen in Shortcut. Plus, we integrate with other popular tools like Slack, GitHub, Zendesk, Figma, and more to fit right into your current workflow.

How to be more effective at remote work

Learn more over at our Distributing Joy blog series

Everyone working remotely means that tools like Shortcut are even more important because we can work asynchronously and stay organized.Megan Berry, VP of Product


Photo of Megan Berry, VP of Product at OctaneAI

Streamline communication

Groups: Collaborate faster at scale with @mentions and group notifications.

Comments: Exchange ideas and provide updates directly in related Stories and Epics to provide better context for your entire Workspace.

Notifications: Customize your notifications if a Story is added, completed, or changed - everyone stays informed, effortlessly.

Slack Integration: Create Stories directly from Slack conversations and get instant notifications when Stories are created or commented on in Shortcut.

The team works faster and with less friction because managers and execs can trust the latest information is in Shortcut without interrupting the team.Christine Spang, CTO/Co-founder


Photo of Christine Spang, CTO/Co-founder of Nylas

Increase visibility and break down silos

Spaces: Create custom views to zoom in and out of work. Share Spaces with your Workspace so everyone knows where to go to be on the same page.

Epics: Enable cross-functional collaboration between all teams. on important initiatives.

Git Helper & Event Handler: Link Stories to commits, branches, and pull requests. Automate processes when you open or merge a branch.

Followers: Add or follow Stories and Epics to keep everyone on the same page and stay informed.

Using Shortcut during the transition to remote work has been a timesaver. We are able to track all of our projects (over 80 active projects) in one spot, even with our team in different places.Josh Carter, Engineering Manager, Mobile Software


Josh Carter, Engineering Manager, Mobile Software at  OCV, LLC

Building process and scaling

Iterations: Sprint planning and priorities are clear without micromanaging. See how many Iterations a Story has been in to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Projects: Set up customized Workflows depending on how each group or squad likes to work.

Labels: Add to Stories and Epics for better organization and more powerful filtering.

Easy to Setup: No instructions needed. Shortcut is intuitive and easy to use. In case you do need help we have an Onboarding experience that makes it easy to get started.

Everything is so magical, everything I want to do is so simple. It just works.Denise Biscaro, Product Manager


Denise Biscaro, Product Manager at VTEX

Streamline development with integrations

Code: Attach commits, branches, and merge requests to Stories with GitLab, GitHub and more.

Automation: Use data and events to automate Shortcut Story creation with our Zapier integration or our Outgoing Webhook.

Communication: Use our Slack integration to create new Stories, broadcast Shortcut comments and updates in designated Slack Channels.

Bug: Link to a variety of issue trackers such as Rollbar, Sentry, and more to report, track and squash bugs.