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Use 1 tool you love, instead of 2 you hate

Shortcut unites planning and development into a unified experience with tightly integrated Docs, Issue Tracking, and Sprint Planning. All in one place, all for one price. Experience joy, not Jira.

Trusted by forward-thinking software teams around the world

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Why choose Shortcut over Jira?

We're Fast

Shortcut is lightweight and responsive. We get out of your way so you can focus on delivering code instead of clicking around to find what you need.

We're Flexible

Shortcut's default configurations can be used with virtually any workflow. You won't get bogged down tinkering with endless pages of configuration options.

We're Thorough

Get full visibility into your software development. Pinpoint status updates on a single project or zoom out to see the progress multiple teams are making on long term goals. See the forest and the trees.

Our customers say it better than we can...

See what some customers think about us compared to Jira. Note that up until Sept 7th, 2021 our name was Clubhouse!

Switch to Shortcut. It's easy!

Have lots of history in Jira? Don't sweat it — we can migrate all that Jira data into Shortcut for you. Our automated importer makes It a snap to move projects into Shortcut.