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Structure, without rigidity

Shortcut is a powerful yet flexible project management tool built for today's software teams. Fast, intuitive, customizable, Shortcut lets you work the way you want.

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Why choose Shortcut over Pivotal Tracker?

More than Agile

Shortcut doesn't limit your team to Agile. It comes with sensible, ready-to-use workflow settings, but also lets you apply the philosophy and methodology that work best for you.

Plan across projects

As your team grows, Shortcut is built to scale with you. Stay on top of complex workflows across multiple teams and projects.

Escape the columns

Enjoy a more flexible and practical interface: drag and drop Stories on Kanban boards, or move them along with a pull request. Easily zoom in and out of each Epic, Milestone, and Iteration.

What are people saying about us?

See why software teams are choosing Shortcut. Note that until Sept 7th, 2021 our name was Clubhouse!

Improve your team's efficiency

Switching to Shortcut improved our visibility and efficiency, and helped us to double the size of our engineering team.

Arnaud Pichery
VP of Engineering @ Dataiku