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Shortcut Training & Best Practices

The basic building blocks of Shortcut

Learn the most important basics of using Shortcut, so you can jump right in to start collaborating and project managing.

Whether you're new to Shortcut or just want a quick refresh, this short video will give you with a solid foundation in the basics of using our service. You will:

  • Get a quick tour of the Shortcut platform
  • Learn how the building blocks of Shortcut — Stories, Projects, Epics, and Workflows — all fit together
  • Hear tips for how to immediately put these various pieces of Shortcut to good use

If you want to learn more, be sure to check out the rest of the resources in this section, as well as our Help Center and blog. We're here to help. And also to project manage. But mostly to help.


Richard HuffakerDirector of Creative Marketing