Looking for Clubhouse? You've found it. But as of September 7th ournewnameisShortcut.

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Where are you? We may just be there too.

New York, Dublin, Ann Arbor, floating on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea, behind that tree: if there’s a good enough internet connection, one of our employees (maybe you) might be there.

I'm always impressed with my co-workers. People will proactively say, "Thanks for doing that!" Or reach out after a meeting to say, "Hey, I'm sorry, I feel like I interrupted you."

ChristineEngineering Manager

Everybody is super nice and does good work. It's part of the culture to have a good work-life balance. I'm never leaving. Or, if I do, it’ll be because I found somewhere else exactly like it.

OseiEngineering Manager

One thing I really do love about Shortcut is that they take into consideration your thoughts and your opinions.

Jenel Software Engineer

It’s amazing working with awesome people, people that care, people that want to make a difference and actually want to make something great.

Kieron Senior Product Designer

Our values

What do we value? All sorts of things! But we particularly pride ourselves on:

  • Treating people right

    We are respectful, thoughtful, and empathetic, treating others how we want to be treated.
  • Spreading joy

    We want our work to make people smile. And maybe briefly chuckle.
  • Taking responsibility

    We drive our own progress without making excuses.
  • Being transparent

    Each of us provides open visibility into our work.
  • Moving fast

    Speed is good. We take calculated risks and learn from them. 

What’s in it for you?

Other than the traditional arrangement in which we deposit money in your bank account twice a month, we provide:

Comprehensive health coverage

Medical, dental, and vision. Podiatry too, probably.

Extra cash

401k, flexible spending, and community benefits for when and if we’re allowed to go outside again.

An open vacation policy

And not a bullsh*t one where we try to trick you into taking less time off. We encourage you to regularly step away from the computer.

Parental leave

12 weeks off for adoption or birth. Spend time getting to know the new human in your life.

Equity available for all employees

Get your own piece of the Shortcut pie.

All the software & hardware you need

Unless it’s a giant drill you plan to use to break into the vault at a Vegas casino. You’ll need to pay for that yourself.