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Switch from Jira

Your project management software shouldn't make you sigh. Shortcut combines speed and flexibility to let your team plan, build, and launch better software.  

Research shows that users who switch to Shortcut from Jira experience:

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Less feature bloat

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Better collaboration

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Easier onboarding

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Faster load times

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And no more Jira-tation...

Thousands of teams around the world are building software with Shortcut.

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97% report direct time savings as a result of using Shortcut because of:


⏱ More efficient collaboration


🚀 More efficient processes


📂 Less administration

Shortcut is fast, powerful project management

So much so that 98% of users say they have benefited from our software.

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Take work from creation to completion. Easily switch between workflows for multiple projects from a single page.

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Track how projects across any number of teams are building up towards completing a bigger initiative.

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Set org wide goals based on releases or quarters (or whatever you want) across any number of Epics.

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Manage your weekly sprints. We support a variety of Agile workflows (like Kanban and Scrum) out of the box.

Switch to Shortcut from Jira

Importing your JIRA data is as easy as 1-2-3

  • 1Authorize with Jira
  • 2Map your data
  • 3Sync your users
  • And thats it...
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Onboard your users in less than a day

Infographic highlighting JIRA import time averages; 77% of users report a setup time of 3 hours or less; 91% of users report a setup time of 5 hours or less.
Pie Chart Infographic details 77% of users onboard in 3 hours or less and 91% of users onboard in 5 hours or less.

Project management you'll like at prices you'll also like

In addition to our Free Plan (we're free for up to 10 users), our plans are:

Team Plan

Allows multiple teams to organize and build collaboratively.

Business Plan

For modern software organizations that need to plan, build, and measure their work.


per user, per month


per user, per month

All plans provide access to Shortcut's core features. Have a big team? Get in touch for a customized quote.

The hub for all your tools

From Github to Slack, our platform offers seamless integrations with your everyday tools to free more time for creation. Even write your own integration with our API.

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Shortcut provides the ability to work on a task list at the smallest level where I can check things off, all the way up to tracking my entire company's engineering velocity at the milestone level.John Kodumal, CTO, Co-founder


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