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Autosuggest for Search Operators is here

Autosuggest for Search Operators is here

Find work faster with Autosuggest for Search Operators

Tiffany Go

Ever struggle to find a Story because you didn’t memorize a 30-plus character-long Search Operator? Run into trouble locating a Story created by a teammate because you couldn't recall the spelling of their Shortcut username? The latest Navigational Search enhancements make it a cinch to surface work with less effort and stress using Autosuggest for Search Operators.

Search Operators now autopopulate when you type a query into the Navigational Search bar, making it faster and easier to find the work you need in Shortcut.

Surface complex Search Operators with a single keystroke

The latest enhancement displays a list of suggested operators when you type as little as one letter. So, if you’re trying to remember the spelling of a particularly long or complex operator such as has:attachement or is:blocked, all you’ll have to type is a “h” or an “i”, and click to select the desired operator.

Surface complex Search Operators with a single keystroke

Faster date-related searches with pre-formatted operators

Now it’s easier to use operators to search for work using dates and date ranges. You no longer need to remember the format of date operators, all you need to do is replace the date in the suggested format. For example, if you are looking for Stories created in the last two weeks, type “c” and select created:YYYY-MM-DD..YYYY-MM-DD. Then replace YYYY-MM-DD with your desired date range and voilà.

Pre-formatted prompts to help with powerful date-related searches

Easily find work owned or requested by teammates

If you’re looking for a Story or an Epic that is owned or requested by a particular user you no longer have to remember someone's full username. Type in owner: or requester: and then type one letter and you'll see a list of suggested users that start with that letter!

Easily find work owned or requested by teammates

For more information on how to use Search Operators check out this Help Center article. If you haven't read about our other enhancements to Navigational Search be sure to check out this blog post to learn how the latest updates make searching in Shortcut easier, so you can work smarter.

Happy Creating!

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