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Developer How-To Articles

Learn something new in one of these tutorials. Or maybe re-learn something old that you vehemently disagree with.

JSSoftware Development

Lazy Loading with Suspense in React

React’s Suspense is going to evolve over the coming months. It’s promised to game-changing on how we develop our React apps. Let’s look at some cool tricks with Suspense in the current version of React (16.8.6).


Web Scraping using Puppeteer and Node

Puppeteer is a node library which provides an API to control Google Chrome and Chromium. It can be used to scrape all aspects of a Chrome (or Chromium) window including the Chrome Developer Tools.


How to use internal redirects in NGINX

NGINX is a popular and flexible web server and proxy. It has a few tricks up its sleeve which are worth knowing. This post explains how and why to use internal redirects.

Open Source Projects

Take a look at some of the open source libraries built with the Shortcut API.

Importing & Exporting


This tool helps you migrate issues from YouTrack into Shortcut.

Importing & Exporting


Import your Github Issues into Shortcut Stories.



A pull request plugin to danger.systems that links Shortcut Stories to GitHub.



A script to automate adding your Shortcut webhook URL to your GitHub repos.

Build your own integration.

Building great software is what you do. Making it easier to do is what we do. Write your own integration or build your own library with the Shortcut REST API.