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Manage your team's work with Kanban boards

With just one click you can view your work, your team's work, or anyone's work in Kanban or table view

Boards Video

Plan and visualize work in a Kanban view

Stories appear in a Kanban-style view according to Workflow state, and can be dragged up and down to reprioritize.


Fully customizable workflows

Easily editable swimlanes let you match your Shortcurt Workflow to your team's own way of working.

Real-time updates on progress

See progress immediately as it happens. Use simple filters to view work connected to any Team, project, person, tag... anything really.

Toggle between Kanban and table view for easy flexibility

Click a button and you're in Kanban view. Click it again and you're in table view.

Unlimited, savable, shareable views

Set up Spaces to save any of your most useful filters for easy access and to share them with others.