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Automatically keep your work and documentation completely in sync.LearnaboutDocs.

The first docs tool that's fully integrated with your work

Docs seamlessly connect to your work, making it easy to plan, build, and ship new features.

Get a quick Docs overview

Keep your docs and plans in-sync and alive in Shortcut, effortlessly.


Create work from a Doc

No need to hop back and forth. Stories, Epics, Iterations, and Milestones can be planned, broken down, and created directly from a Doc.

Docs and work stay in sync

Get real-time status and context whenever you need it - without having to hunt and reference multiple sources.

Real time collaboration

Create retros, strategy Docs, agendas, action items, and other collections of words all in one place.

Keep organized

Break free from folders and messy lists of files by organizing work into Collections.

Share as needed

Share your Doc with specific teammates or publish it for the whole Workspace to see.