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Release Notes

Stay up to date with the newest updates and improvements in Shortcut.

Week of July 25th

25 July, 2022

New! Docs table colors now have stronger contrast in Dark Mode and Normal Mode

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added Priority and Severity Fields as Search Operators for the Search Page
  • Updated Workflow dropdown to show regardless of the number of Workflows in the Workspace
  • Fixed a Group By bug on the Iteration Page, so the page retains Group By settings when navigating to and from the page
  • Shipped enhancements to Docs table colors to have stronger contrast in Dark Mode and Normal Mode
  • Added tooltip when an Iteration is linked to a Doc making it possible to view more info about the linked Iteration from the Doc
  • Updated "Mention" to "Add" in the Docs edit toolbar to provide a more intuitive experience
  • Improved Docs email notification when comments are added to a Followed Doc by including User who added the update to the email
  • Fixed bug for optimized new user experience on the Stories Page
  • Shipped a new Shortcut Way page to make it easier to read

Week of July 18th

18 July, 2022

Connect the Slack Integration to Fields

Connect the Slack Integration to Fields

What's New

Connect Fields to a Slack Channel to automate communication

Set up custom rules in the Slack Integration to get updates in a Slack channel whenever a Story with a specific Field and Field Value gets created or updated!

Some ways to use this new update are:

  • Monitor high severity bugs by connecting the Severity field to a dedicated triage channel
  • Keep your org posted on the development of a specific Product Area in a dedicated squad or feature channel

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Shipped an optimization to All Docs, My Docs, and Following Docs lists to sort by "last updated" and include the last updated date in the list table
  • Renamed Recent view in Docs to Recent Docs
  • Updated onboarding emails and screen to better reflect the Shortcut brand

Week of July 11th

11 July, 2022

Shortcut Docs are here!

What's New

Docs are here to help you plan, manage, and document your work, in one unified experience in Shortcut

Today we're thrilled to roll out Docs to all Shortcut users to help plan, manage, and document work for seamless, frustration-free software development. In Shortcut, a Doc isn't just a normal doc, existing separately in another tool, like a Confluence or Notion.

A Doc is part of the Shortcut fabric, and it's linked to Stories, Epics, Milestones, Labels, and more. For example, you can highlight any text in a Doc and create a Story from that text to be forever synced across Shortcut.

We created Docs because we believe that fresh, living documentation updated in real-time is the only kind that provides trustworthy, useful written information when it comes to collaborating and building great products.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Shipped an update to My Docs, All Docs, and Following Pages for better scanability and viewability
  • Added new columns to My Docs, All Docs, and Following Pages to highlight important information like Owner, Collections, and Related to highlight important information like Owner, Collections, and Related
  • Fixed a Docs bug to allow users to add text below a code block
  • Added Priority and Severity Fields as Search Operators
  • Updated Story Importer flow with text and image optimizations to help users along the process
  • Fixed field error that appeared for users during sign-up
  • Created sign-up optimization to better personalize onboarding for new users
  • Improved the fidelity of the plan page in-app for a better user experience
  • Smashed a bug that caused an error when inviting other users

Even more fields available in the Shortcut + Zapier Integration!

What's New

We have updated the Shortcut + Zapier Integration to include:

  • Add Requester
  • Follower
  • Iteration
  • Labels
  • Owner(s)
  • Estimate(s)
  • Due Date
  • External Link(s)
  • Comment(s)
  • Task(s)

Check out this blog post for ways you and your organization can use the Shortcut + Zapier Integraton!

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added consistency and clarity to the Shortcut sign up flow

Sentry Integration updated to support Fields and Field Values and Projects are no longer required

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Updated the Sentry Integration to support Fields and Field Values and Projects are no longer required
  • Squashed a bug that only allowed users to select one Working Day in Settings (as nice as that might be!) 😂
  • Fixed Bulk Editing error that blocked update when selected Stories were in a different Workflow State
  • Corrected an error that caused a Story History bug when org is no longer using Projects
  • Updated logic that triggered incorrect message when upgrading plans from Team to Business
  • Added new feature logos to the Home dashboard to better reflect the Shortcut brand

New enhancements to our Zapier Integration!

What's New

🧹 Simplify your Workspace with the Projects toggle

Many customers have transitioned away from Projects and have opted to use Fields. If your organization is no longer using Projects you can now toggle Projects off for your Workspace by an Admin or Owner. Simplify views and remove the noise if your organization is no longer using Projects.

⚡️New enhancements to our Zapier Integration!

  • Teams is now available
  • Projects is no longer a required field, but, if left blank, you must select a Workflow+Workflow State

Learn how to set up the Zapier + Shortcut integration or check out this blog post for ideas on how to use the Zapier integration.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved popover performance across all tables
  • Fixed a bug that caused Iterations Page to break in Safari browser

Can you spot the "iconic" changes 😉 ?

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Reduced top navigation clutter to improve the tablet and mobile experience

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Reduced top navigation clutter to improve the tablet and mobile experience
  • Improved experience for new users who do not want to go through guided onboarding
  • Enhanced onboarding experience to auto-generate a Story, Epic, Milestone, and Iteration to help educate new users on the Shortcut hierarchy
  • Updated repo with an updated Dot emoji

Fixed a Slack Integration bug that prevented the correct assignment of an Owner in Shortcut

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated to Iteration Page to improve load time and performance
  • Fixed CSV exporter bug when exporting a Space
  • Squashed a bug on the Plan Settings page that cause multiple columns to appear
  • Fixed a Slack Integration bug that prevented the correct assignment of an Owner in Shortcut
  • Addressed an API schema error causing Story Title parsing errors
  • Updated tab key behavior when Story confirmation modal is opened
Slack integration includes Fields

Slack integration now includes Fields

What's New

We've upgraded our Slack Integration to include Fields

You can now set Field values directly from Slack when creating a Story from a message. Note that only enabled Fields and Values are displayed in Slack. Learn more about our Slack integration here.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Added a "Copy Permalink" to the Story created dialog box
  • Fixed a bug on the Epic Table that rendered incorrect Team information
  • Updated mobile experience, so Stories move when the move to top/bottom options are selected by the user
  • Removed max-width on Epic and Iteration Detail pages for better visibility of information on the table section
  • Corrected a bug that caused some unrelated Workflow States to appear on the Teams Page
  • Added ability for users with the 'Member' status to edit and configure Fields
  • Made enhancement so 'Load More' on the Stories Table persists for better usability
  • Fixed a bug on Story Table View that removed Group By when sorting
  • Corrected buggy behavior when using the full-screen mode shortcut
  • Updated CSV exporter to ensure all relevant Stories are included in the export unless filtered out by the user

Sorting epics by ID, Name, Stories, Points, and other details is again persistent, even when moving between pages.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug in which the sorting preference for Stories wasn't being retained on Epics pages when users moved to another page or reloaded the current one.
  • Fixed another bug that caused some users to be unable to drag Stories to an offscreen workflow state.
  • Squashed a bug that made it so Stories could not be grouped by individual state in some very specific and fairly random scenarios.
  • For the somewhat rare situation in which a user finds themselves invited to join multiple Workspaces at the same time, we improved the interface so that the Workspace with the most users is displayed at the top of the list.
  • Fixed an issue with Iterations in which sorting by anything at all would automatically remove the Group By state that the Iteration was in (assuming it had already been grouped by a state).
  • Streamlined onboarding questions to ensure we don't ask new users the same question twice.

What's New

Create custom shortcuts with the Power Bar

Create custom shortcuts with the Power Bar!

Create your own custom shortcuts for Power Bar!

Every Shortcut user can now change the default keyboard shortcuts for any command, or attach shortcuts to commands that didn’t have any default shortcuts in Power Bar to fit your preferences! Use CMD + K on a Mac or CTRL + K on a PC to launch the Power Bar, hover your mouse over an existing command, then Edit or Add a shortcut!

Auto-generate PR Titles with Product Area

Auto-generate PR Titles with Product Area

Auto-generate PR Titles with Product Area

Our latest GitHub and GitLab integration update allows users to auto-generate PR titles with Product Area if you use Shortcut to open a PR on your Stories.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed Severity Field bug that was showing disabled Field Values on filters
  • Squashed a bug that allowed Members to invite other users as Admins

New Priority and Severity Fields in Shortcut!

What's New

Prioritize your work and manage your backlog with Priority and Severity Fields

Check out the follow-up to our Fields release with two new opinionated fields - Priority and Severity Fields! The Priority Field should be used to filter and sort Stories in order of priority. The Severity Field should be used to filter and sort Stories in order of Severity.

Field Definitions and Default Field Values for Priority and Severity

Priority and Severity Field Values

Field shows up in your Workspace on:

  • Story Cards 
  • Individual Stories

Filter by Fields on the:

  • Stories Page
  • Report Page
  • Epic Detail Page
  • Teams Page
  • Status Page
  • Story Tables - new! See the gif above!

Reminder: Fields are configured at the Workspace level, and only your Admin can update the Field Values.  Field Values are set by the Admin to help your organization enforce structure and process. The fields can be enabled or disabled for the Workspace.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused glitchy text when updating Field Values in Settings

We heard your feedback - Labels are back in the Table View!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Moved Labels back under the Story name for easier scanning of information on the Table View
  • Added the ability to view Field changes in the All Followed Activity in the Activity Feed
  • Modified the Status Page to show Stories completed in the last 7 days instead of just the last 24 hours
  • Added Story Fields (Technical Area, Skill Set, and Product Area) to the outgoing Webhook
  • Updated tooltip from "Toggle sort by Story Priority" to "Toggle sort by User Defined"
  • Deployed performance improvements for the Stories Table on the Stories Page
  • Made Members the default option for new invitees to ensure new folks added to organizations don't default to an Admin role

Faster navigation, better grouping and easier scannability with the latest Table enhancements!

What's New 

New Table enhancements for faster navigation, better grouping, and easier scannability

🎯 Now, when you Group By on the Story Table Views, you can:

  • Copy a link to the Epics, Iterations, Teams, and Project directly from the Story Table
  • Navigate to the grouped by the entity for Epics, Iterations, Teams, and Projects

💪 Added functionality for more powerful Table View grouping and scannability

  • Technical Area, Skill Set, and Product Area Fields are now on Story Tables if they are enabled for the Workspace
  • Added Story Count and Points totals to the top of the grouping in the new table view for faster viewability
  • See blocking and blocked Stories in the Table Views

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated the behavior of blocked and blocking badges so that when a blocking Story is moved to a "done" state or archived, the blocked and blocking badges are removed.
  • Fixed a bug to restore Shift+Select to check multiple Stories on the Stories Table View
  • Removed a bug that was affecting Bulk Editing from the Story Card View
  • Squashed a sign-up link bug on the registration page

Start a Threaded Comment from Slack for more focused conversations

What's New

💬 Start a Threaded Comment from Slack for more focused conversations

Our latest update to the Shortcut and Slack Integration makes it possible to create a Threaded Comment in Shortcut directly from Slack. Try it out by responding to a Shortcut comment in Slack to start a Threaded Comment in Shortcut.

⚡️ New option to disable default automation for started states in the Shortcut + VCS integration

We've added a new option to disable the default VCS event handler that automatically moves a Story to the first started state when we detect any VCS activity related to the Story.

💛 Visit our new Community & Events page to stay connected with the latest happenings at Shortcut

Stay tuned with a visit to the Community & Events page to see what events we'll be at, view the recent content we've shared, and join our Discord Community to connect with a lovely network of people responsible for building great software.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved the Workflow State scroll + drag and drop behavior on the Story Page for a better user experience
  • Updated the Story Page toast behavior when creating a Story to trigger the correct message when the appropriate Space is selected
  • Fixed a bug to restore Shift+Select to check multiple Stories on the Stories Page Kanban View
  • Shipped performance updates to improve Story creation speed

New table improvements for easier viewing and editing

What's New

Check out the latest table improvements for easier viewing and editing

  • Edit Stories and Epics directly from the table view on the Iteration, Epic, and Milestone Detail Pages for faster updating
  • Bulk edit now has a limit of 500 for better performance when editing larger volumes of Stories.
  • Group by menu is more expansive for more table viewing options

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Graduated the Google Sheets Integration out of Shortcut Labs into general availability for Team, Business, and Enterprise Plans 🎉
  • Improved filter experience on Epics Page - when Team is selected, Epics are now prioritized by Team
  • Corrected a Story Card bug so that completed Story checkmarks appear as expected
  • Added the ability to view historical changes made to a Story's Field's values in the Story History section

New: View Field changes in Story History

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Added the ability to view Field changes in Story History when showing Everything
  • Corrected an Iterations bug that was preventing drag-and-drop of Stories between Iterations and from the Stories panel into an Iteration
  • Fixed logic during onboarding flow that caused an incorrect error message to appear
  • Released a new Quickstart Guide test to improve the onboarding experience
  • Updated the progress bar in the Quickstart Guide to better visualize progress

Easily differentiate between 0 points and unestimated points in Table View

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated Table View to better differentiate between 0 points and unestimated points
  • Enhanced performance when multiple Shortcut tabs are open
  • Fixed appearance of Story Card colors when using the Compact view on the Status Page
  • Corrected scrolling bug on Learn tab in Shortcut University
  • Fixed bug on the Stories page so Stories render properly in Workflow State columns when changing filters
  • Updated copy on billing plan pane to correctly reflect pricing options
  • Corrected bug that was preventing users from creating an Epic in a Chrome browser
  • Fixed a bug that caused the profile avatar image to appear inconsistent
Bulk Editor enhancement

Bulk Editor enhancement for Iterations

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a mobile bug that caused Stories with a lot of attachments, external links, and comments to crash
  • Updated the Iteration selector in the bulk editor to prioritize that Team's Iterations based on the Team that owns the selected Stories
  • Kicked off a test during onboarding to help new users get up to speed faster
Shortcut Quickstart Guide

Shortcut Quickstart Guide

What's New

We've launched an updated Quickstart Guide to provide a better onboarding experience. Every new user will get a personalized experience that highlights the most useful parts of Shortcut for their role.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed Bulk Editor scroll issue
  • Kicked off a test of a new video in onboarding to help new users get up to speed faster
  • Continued to update Shortcut University with new imagery to reflect recent brand updates

Check out the latest improvements to Shortcut University!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Removed mention of Projects in Shortcut University to support the Data Model changes
  • Started updating Shortcut University with new imagery to reflect recent brand updates
  • Optimized registration experience on the "tell us about yourself" page so that values persist when pre-selected during sign-up
  • Fixed Priority field drag and drop bug on Stories, Epics, and Milestones Tables when sorting by Priority
  • Addressed issue with Priority cards, so they maintain their position after being moved, regardless of a page refresh
  • Tested new video explaining how to import from other tools into Shortcut on Import Settings Page for better importing experience
  • Corrected the broken Manage Billing link in Settings

Fields are here for better categorization, structure, and organization of work

Fields are here to help with the categorization of work and to help organizations transition away from Projects.

Use Fields to transition away from Projects

The initial Fields release allows you to add the following Fields to Stories:

  • Technical Area
  • Skill Set
  • Product Area

Note: Fields can be enabled by your Organization's Admin. Learn more about Fields on the blog or watch the video.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed drop-down bug on Story dialog so that only the drop-down closes when ESC is pressed and the Story dialog remains open
  • Updated Field-level page settings so when a user hits the back button it brings them back to the Field settings page
  • Fixed attachments so they are visible when one is added while creating a Story
  • Improved onboarding experience by updating copy in empty states with helpful links and content for new users
Story Table View

View Stories in a table and edit in line with the Story Table View

Check out the new Story Table View on the Stories Page to see work in table view and group by State, Epic, Team, or Owner. Quickly edit Stories in-line in the Story Table View to update work without having to click into individual Stories.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Added the ability to play video mp4 attachments without having to download the file first
  • Fixed rendering of Videos within Comments
  • Updated cursor from "zoom" to "arrow" when hovering over emojis in reactions and Comments

What's New

Added new VCS Integration functionality for more automation and easier searching

We have added support for five new VCS event handlers:

  • Branch associated with Story
  • Commit associated with Story
  • Pull Request approved
  • Pull Request labeled
  • Pull Request review requested

We have added new Search Operators* to help surface Stories with branches, commits, PRs and more:

  • has:branch
  • has:commit
  • has:pr
  • branch:<branch name>
  • commit:<commit sha or url>
  • pr:<pr number or url>

*Note: These operators will only work for Stories that were created or updated since 10-10-2021

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed bug where Space doesn’t load if No Project was a filter
  • Updated Iteration Progress bar to exclude archived Stories
  • Made it possible to activate the top navigation bar using the keyboard (ie enter/space) for better accessibility
  • Improved accessibility of date picker on tables to make in-line editing easier
  • Fixed keyboard navigation of the Quick Search to make it possible to navigate using arrow keys within the list and tab between elements and close the dropdown (ESC key)
  • Made improvements to Tables for faster in-line editing performance
  • Restored Copy Permalink action in Power Bar
  • Made an update to Story notification emails where user can reply to the email within 90 days to create a comment.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed the Iteration date format when creating an Iteration during Onboarding.
  • Updated the onboarding flow to make it easier to schedule a demo without leaving Shortcut

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Added the ability to configure branches based on Team name for our VCS Integrations
  • Fixed the ability to sort by Newest or Oldest first on Comments
  • Added the ability to re-order table rows with your keyboard
  • Updated drag and drop experience, so table tooltips are disabled when dragging
  • Added keyboard Focus State for better click/hover interaction
  • Fixed formatting on Team Page table, so Story titles are aligned
  • Ran additional A/B tests to improve the onboarding experience for new users
  • Launched an updated onboarding experience to make sign-up easier for new users
  • Moved the Latest News Icon back to the top-level navigation so that our latest product news is easier to locate
Threaded Comments

Use Threaded Comments in Stories for more focused conversations

Threaded Comments on Shortcut Stories makes it easier to quickly scan, understand, and jump into the relevant parts of a conversation without the headache of reading through every comment. Reply directly to a Comment to start a Thread and keep your conversations organized and on topic.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated behavior of the Clear Filters button to display only when there are filters selected
  • Removed the sneaky Dot that did not add joy
  • Ran A/B tests to improve the onboarding experience for new users

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed the order of Epic search results in the Power Bar
  • Updated the Iteration Order in Power Bar to match the Story dialog
  • Improved keyboard accessibility of Epics and Milestones tables by making it easier to tab through fields
  • Updated tooltip on non-working days in CFD to match working days calculation
  • Enabled the ability to have an empty report filter when exporting completed Stories
Toggle off Add Joy

Toggle off Add Joy

Hate fun? Remove it in your Settings!

Don't feel like having fun? Not in the mood for confetti? Dislike memory games?

Head to your Settings and go to Your Profile to toggle off Add Joy.

Doing so will remove all Add Joy features from your instance of Shortcut. The setting is user-level and will persist for all future visits unless toggled back on.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Added Admin UI functionality to help customer success better serve customers
  • Update outdated links in operational emails due to rename

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved accessibility and keyboard navigation within the app by adding a focus state
  • Removed style prop from spaced so components use CSS styles in the API
  • Fixed misalignment of Stories on the Teams Page
  • Updated State dropdown text to have better visibility in Dark Mode
  • Fixed Page View radio buttons and query input fields so they work better with keyboards (with or without screen reader).
  • Added Help modal to Epic metrics and Epic table on the Reports Page
  • Fix error when filtering by users that don't own Epics
Epic Celebrations in Shortcut

Add Joy with Epic Celebrations in Shortcut

Add (more) Joy in Shortcut

Now there's a fun way to add (more) joy in Shortcut, so you and your team can celebrate your wins and accomplishments.

Here’s what’s new:

  • 🎉 Epic and Milestone Celebrations
  • 😴 See what happens when you stay idle for a while...
  • 🎮 Take a peek at the footer for a fun game that will keep your memory sharp
  • ⚠️ See what happens when you reach a 404 Screen (hopefully something that doesn’t happen often!)

New Workflow endpoint added to Google Sheets Integration

A new Workflow endpoint has been added to the Google Sheets Integration. The Integration allows you to connect your Story data to a Google Sheet for custom analysis and advanced reporting. Once set up, any updates that happen in your Shortcut Workspace will dynamically update to a connected Google Sheet.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed archive Epic bug in Dark Mode
  • Fixed reporting  calculation for completed Epics count discrepancies when comparing date quarters vs date halves
  • Updated State dropdown word visibility for Dark Mode
  • Prevent Stories from being assigned to an archived Team
  • Fixed displayed images Roadmap Export when in Dark Mode
  • Enable the ability to deselect followers during Epic creation
  • iPad fix to allow Workflow switching
  • Fix renewal email to reflect the correct year for an Org

Edit Milestone Tables in-line

Milestone Table Configuration and Performance Improvements

What's changed?

We've redesigned and rebuilt the Milestones table view to allow for faster performance while also making it much easier to manage your Milestones directly from the table. The new user interface is designed for a more simple, and less cluttered experience.

Milestone Management

  • Quickly add, update, and remove start & end Milestones dates directly from the table view.
  • (Clean up) Stay on top of old or stale Milestones by deleting Milestones directly from the table view.
  • View, add, and remove Milestone Categories directly from the table.
  • One-click to share a Milestone with your team by selecting the "Copy Link" action.

Drag & Drop

  • New drag & drop animation and interaction to make prioritizing your Milestones smooth as butter


  • To improve loading speed and more focused results, we've introduced a new loading pattern for the table view.

What's coming...

  • Mobile editing: You'll now be able to edit your epic and milestone details on mobile. Edit labels, dates, owners, teams.. and so on.
  • Accessibility: We're adding some great accessibility (a11y) improvements to our tables, you can now navigate and interact your keyboard with all-new focus visual states. And we've frozen certain columns for actions that are important to you — so now you won't have to scroll left or right to get to certain actions — this makes it easier for prioritizing/planning your work or archiving/managing your work.

Note: As mentioned before these will be rolled out to every Table view and these changes are also applied to Epic Tables for better UX and performance back in September 2022!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved the responsiveness of table re-ordering
  • Updated loading icons with high-fidelity Shortcut logo for signup flow
  • Story dropdown fixed auto-focus on Story dialog dropdown

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Mobile Web update: Epic and Milestone Tables improved for better editing and selecting
  • Migrate Story Permalink field to React  
  • Migrate Story ID to React  
  • Convert Story Dialog to React
  • Addressed capacity issues for faster processing of GitHub and GitLab events
  • Fixed Story Card colors to persist after a refresh

What's new: 

Additional Power Bar actions have been added:

  • Categorize Epic list by Teams, then have the Epic State as the description, and the Icon will be Epic State Type
  • Assign/unassign yourself as a Follower
  • Set/Update Followers
  • Switch Workspaces
  • Add a Task
  • Set/Update Iteration
  • Set/Update Story Type
  • Set/Update Labels 

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Teams must be associated with at least one Workflow
  • Updated our Datomic database for Story descriptions, Epic descriptions, Milestone Descriptions, Comments, and attribute groups to improve performance
  • Improve colors and images in onboarding flow for new users
  • Updated Trailing Average calculation for Cycle Time & Velocity charts so the current interval is not included
  • Include Task Owners in Story dropdown who have been assigned in a list to remove Owners from Story
More Story actions and shortcuts in the Power Bar

More Story actions and shortcuts in the Power Bar!

More Story actions and shortcuts in the Power Bar!

New Story-related actions have been added to the Power Bar that allows you to:

  • Update Story Owner
  • Update Story Epic
  • Edit Story Description
  • Rename Story Title
  • Add Comment to Story
  • Update Story Labels
  • Update Story Iteration
  • Toggle Current User as Story Owner
  • Copy ID
  • Convert Story to Epic
  • Add Task
  • Duplicate Story
  • Update Story Team
  • Update Story State
  • Update Story Estimate
  • Update Story Type
  • Update Story Followers
  • Toggle Me as Follower
Set non-working days in Shortcut for more accurate reporting

Remove weekends for more accurate reporting on all charts!

Now you can define your organization's Working Days, which will be reflected accordingly in your charts and metrics. Because who wants to work the weekend? By defining your Working Days, your data will be more accurate and useful, and your team can better manage and predict future work. We default Working Days to Monday through Friday, but if that isn't right for you, you can change it in settings.

Shortcut Story page custom card colors

Customize your Story card color

Now you can choose Teams, Projects, or Story Type to color-code your Story cards. Select the View Settings toggle to color-code Story cards by Teams, Projects, or Story Type. Please note, the Stories page color-code default is by Team.

New Teams-to-Workflow relationship

Streamline your setup with our updated Data Model

We've released changes to our Data Model that provide a more intuitive, structured, and still flexible model to organize your work.

Here's what new:

  • Teams are now associated with Workflows
  • Projects are now optional

Learn more by reading more about the new functionality on our blog.

Want help with transitioning to the new data model? Check out the guide.

Updated Burndown Chart in Shortcut

Burndown Chart enhancements for better predictability

The Burndown chart has been rebuilt to be more intuitive and useful. Here's what's new:

  1. Working Days (Reports page and Entity pages) There is now a Workspace level setting to set your Working Days. The Default Working days are Monday through Friday, inclusive. All calculations, metrics, and lines on the Burndown Chart take Working Days into account to give you a more accurate representation of your work. Currently, only the Burndown Chart accounts for non-working days, but the charts will be updated soon.
  2. Metrics (On entity pages only)
    Trailing Average Velocity - This Trailing Average Velocity will scale based on x-axis of the entity. If the entity is < 180 days, the chart uses a 7 Day Trailing Average velocity (the sum of all completed stories including stories completed during Non-Working Days divided by the number of Working Days); if the entity is >=180 days and <2 years, the chart uses a 4 week trailing average; if the entity is >= 2 years the chart uses a 3 month trailing average. For all running averages, the 
    Projected End Date - The anticipated end date is based on the Actual Stories Remaining, 7 Day Trailing Average Velocity, and Working Days.
    Required Velocity to Finish Work by Due Date - If the entity has an end date, this is the rate at which work needs to be completed for each Working Day to finish by the end date.
  3. Ideal and Projected Lines - Both lines always start today, but show up in different scenarios.
    Ideal Line: The ideal line represents the number of Stories/Points that need to be completed each interval in order to complete the entity on time. The ideal line only shows on uncompleted entities that are started or unstarted and that have a due date that is in the future. The line always starts at today. and the starting value will be the same as the "Actual Stories/Points Remaining". The line does not start decreasing until the following day and the line always ends on the due date. Entities with due dates that have already passed will not see Ideal Lines (a due date is passed if it is before today).
    Projected Line: The "Projected Line" represents the number of Stories/Points that are projected to be completed based on the average velocity of completed Stories/Points. The projected line only shows on uncompleted entities that are unstarted or started and that do not have a due date.