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Release Notes

Stay up to date with the newest updates and improvements in Shortcut.

Week of November 21, 2022

21 November, 2022

Use Doc Templates to create Docs from Milestones, Epics, and Iterations

What's New

📝Use Doc Templates to create Docs from Milestones, Epics, and Iterations

Now it's easier to create a Doc in Milestones, Epics, and Iterations using Doc Templates. Select the Doc Template when you are in an individual Milestone, Epic, or Iteration, and a new Doc will populate and be related to the entity automatically. Try it out today!

💬 Get Slack notifications when you are @mentioned in a Doc

Collaborating with others in Docs is even better with the latest update to our Slack integration. Now when you are @mentioned in a Doc, you will see a Slack notification showing who commented, in which Doc, and what they said. Learn about how to set up the Slack <> Shortcut Integration in our Help Center.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Increased the minimum width of the columns on the Stories Page by 20 pixels for better viewability
  • Fixed a Docs bug to show the correct timestamp for Comments
  • Corrected a Docs bug to render code styling as it does in the Doc body

Week of November 14th 2022

14 November, 2022

Shortcut Google Sheets Integration

Updated Google Sheets Integration to include advanced Custom Fields

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Added advanced Custom Fields column to CSV Export
  • Updated Google Sheets Integration to include advanced Custom Fields column
  • Resolved a timeout bug with the Google Sheet Integration export
  • Added color card settings to the Status Page
  • Completed refactor work for Spaces on the Stories Page
  • Shipped an upgrade to the Docs backend system for better performance
  • Updated Observer experience Docs to make it clear that they have view-only access
  • Squashed a bug that caused Doc titles to act strange when the menu was open
  • Fixed a bug that caused the left navigation column to malfunction when the Docs main sidebar is collapsed

Week of November 7th 2022

07 November, 2022

A 👀 at a 2022 Hackathon project - pinned entities...coming soon!

2022 Hackathon Recap!

A couple of weeks ago our team came together in a beloved tradition...our annual Hackathon. Fun fact: Shortcut was built out of a hack day project - read more about it & our origin story here.

Here are the highlights:

📌 Pin Entities An action that allows you to "pin" Stories, Epics, Milestones, Iterations and Docs to your "power dock"

🔡 SHQL Shortcut's own language that enables users to build ad-hoc reports including visualizations like pie charts, histograms, and more!

🛑 No more Standups: Surface blockers in Shortcut as soon as it's known to help eliminate standup meetings

💬 Slack Conversations Add support for emoji reactions, support for editing comments and posts in Shortcut from Slack, add support for deleting comments in Shortcut.

🥞 Overlapping PRs: Detect potential merge conflicts before any PRs are merged and show that on related Stories.

🖱Context Menu Right-click on Stories, Epics, and other entities to access common actions like copy URL, copy branch, rename, and more

🤝 Public Docs Share a Shortcut Doc with folks outside your organization without requiring a login or password.

📝 Doc Reviews: Provide users the ability to request reviews on draft Docs, provide feedback and approve a Doc’s content.

🗄 Doc Collections: Improve Doc organization: Allow users to pin Docs and Collections, create and manage nested collections, and view and manage all Docs in a new collection index page.

🕹 Dot Game 2.0: Need a break? We worked on a new version of our secret video game - see if you can locate the existing Dot video game. (Hint: get to the bottom of things 😉)

🐞 Report a Bug Add the Report a Bug everywhere in the application to allow users to send feedback about their experience.

🌒 Spooky Season Dark Mode Update Dark and Normal Mode to incorporate new visual style.

😡 OpenTelemetry in Anger: Integrates our homegrown application interfaces for structured logging and metrics into OpenTelemetry

📊 Explore Reporting Improvements: Create infrastructure to test and track charts on the Reports page to improve the user experience

Let us know which ones you're most excited for by taking this survey! You may end up seeing some of these features in the app soon! We’ll keep you posted.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused some Settings pages to redirect to the previous page
  • Created two new Severity values: Severity 5 and Severity 6 for all Orgs
  • Shipped a Doc notifications improvement - when a new Comment is added to followed Doc the user will also receive a Slack notification (in addition to the email that is already being sent)
  • Fixed a bug that caused linked entitles in a Doc to open in a new tab instead of the modal

New Workspaces have two additional Severity fields "Severity 5" and "Severity 6"

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Streamlined Story Card view color settings in the Search Bar, Iterations Listing Page (Iteration Column + Stories Pane), Dashboard, and Recently Viewed
  • Added advanced Custom Fields as a color setting for Story Cards
  • Updated Severity Field for new Workspaces so they have two additional fields "Severity 5" and "Severity 6"
  • Shipped event tracking for advanced Custom Fields usage, editing, and engagement tracking
  • Refined engagement data analysis for API vs. user action data
  • Added imported entity engagement tracking to gain a better understanding of data needed when using Jira and Trello importers
  • Disabled outdated Organization bug fix
  • Populate Epic value for new Story when only one Epic is selected in a Space
  • Fixed bug impacting the display of the Docs header

Hackathon round up coming soon!

New advanced Custom Fields!

New advanced Custom Fields are here for more control, categorization, structure, and organization

Custom Fields are a structured way to add categorization to Stories. Advanced Custom Fields have arrived! Our latest release of advanced Custom Fields is an upgrade to basic Custom Fields.

All Custom Fields are single-select drop-downs with text values. Custom Fields are set at the Workspace level and will be enabled by default for all new customers. Anyone in your org will have the ability to enable or disable them, as well as configure the values and colors.

  • Give additional context to group similar tasks for easy viewing and filtering on different entity pages
  • Standardize information you need to track on tasks across Stories
  • Sort or search by specific data fields on the Story Page

Read our blog post to learn more or watch this video to get started with Custom Fields.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Created a path for users to upgrade to advanced Custom Fields by moving to the Business or Enterprise Plan
  • Added Custom Fields to the in-app Pricing Page to make it clear which plans have access to basic and advanced functionality
  • Shipped Segment event capabilities on the in-app Pricing page to support upgrade path for Legacy Standard customers
  • Updated CTA on the Custom Field setting page to enable users to view plans options to gain access to advanced Custom Fields
  • Modified the upgrade path to include a view of the updated pricing plans for Legacy Standard customers based on feedback
  • Fixed a typo in the Shortcut University
  • Reduced global page title size and decreased spacing for a more compact header
  • Updated the Story tooltip in Docs to simplify the content to highlight the higher-priority attributes
  • Fixed a bug in the Doc Relationships sidebar that hid the Milestones, Iterations, and Docs tooltips
  • Smashed a bug that caused Docs clicked on in a Doc to open in a new tab
  • Addressed a bug where some email notification anchors were resulting in "Something went wrong" when opening a Doc
  • Introduced an updated News Feed modal in-app to keep users better informed of the latest product news and updates

New! Get Slack notifications when a Doc is shared with you

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Shipped Slack notifications when a Doc is shared for instant notification
  • Improved email notifications for Docs - now emails about @mentions or comments will take you directly to the right spot in the Doc
  • Updated the Milestone tooltip for better viewability in Docs
  • Fixed a bug that caused the / search box in Docs to go off screen
  • Optimized the appearance of the Workflow State column when viewing the Story Page in Table View for better visibility of each State
  • Fixed a bug where Story Card colors could revert to Team if the Story didn’t have a value for that property. Now, Story Cards will not show a color at all if the Story doesn’t have a value set for that property
  • Removed a bug to ensure the onboarding checklist is visible after signup is complete to help new users set up their Workspace
  • Swapped in an updated link in the signup flow to provide access to our sales team's calendar when you are setting up in Shortcut to provide more support for new orgs
  • Cleaned up old code to optimize the onboarding experience

New! Customize your VCS branch format with a Team's mention name [team_mention_name]

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Added the ability to use a Team's mention name [team_mention_name] as part of your custom VCS branch format
  • Shipped an enhancement to Field Settings to make the page responsive to screen height
  • Improved the Bulk Edit experience so that Workflow State isn't required when the Workflow doesn't change
  • Update Docs to use the newest Epic Tooltip for easier readability when viewing Epic status
  • Fixed the "Create Doc" button to appear immediately when a Doc is loaded
  • Squashed a mobile bug that caused the Docs menu to appear above the Doc content
  • Cleaned up old code to properly ship Doc Templates to new users
  • Shipped updates to the user's first experience with guided CTAs to Shortcut University
  • Updated sign-up flow to better reflect brand messaging
  • Fixed a bug in billing settings
  • Improved security and user experience for email verify

NEW! Create Epics, Milestones, and Iterations from a Doc!

What's New

⚡️ Seamlessly create Epics, Iterations, and Milestones directly from a Doc

Now it's even easier to stay in your flow. The latest update to Docs makes it possible to plan, break down, and create Epics, Iterations, and Milestones directly from a Doc. Select text in a Doc and click on the Create dropdown located on the bottom left of the modal and select Story, Epic, Iteration, or Milestone.

Get more info about Docs in our Training Hub.

✍️ Save time with Doc Templates
Create consistent documentation across teams and projects with our ready-to-use PRDs, retro docs, 1:1 templates, and more!

Find out more about Doc Templates and use cases on our blog.

🎨 Shortcut has a new coat of paint!
We’ve updated the look and feel throughout the app with improved icons and colors. Please note that none of these changes impact functionality. Enjoy!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug on the Field settings page that caused the icon picker to malfunction
  • Updated the way Field icons are rendered on the Story Page to match the style set in Field Settings
  • Optimized the create Story Dialog to ensure that the Create Story and Cancel buttons show regardless of screen size or number of Fields enabled
  • Addressed a bug that caused strange behavior when changing the order of Fields
  • Streamlined the experience when deleting custom Field Values
  • Improved error handling when creating Fields to ensure Field values are less than 63 characters and are not blank
  • Corrected an error on the Field Setting page that caused the Edit Field page to blank out when navigating to other tabs
  • Shipped new loading image and animation optimizations
  • Fixed a bug on the create Team dialog to allow the dialog to close when hitting the ESC key
  • Updated the in-app Plan table to reflect new unlimited access to Teams, Workflows, and Workspaces on the Business Plan
  • Cleaned up old code associated with the Shortcut Onboarding experience and new user testing
  • Fixed Doc Tables to expand beyond the width of a Doc if the content demands it. Column sizes are then fixed, and a horizontal scroll bar allows access to view content.
  • Removed outdated Doc examples and replaced them with links to new Doc Templates
  • Updated onboarding checklist for new users to better acquaint them with new Docs features

New Bugs and Fixes Space auto-created for new orgs

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Introduced a new Bugs and Fixes Space for new organizations created after 9/19 that auto-populates Bug-type Stories in the Space
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Demo Workspace to load incorrectly when toggling back to a Workspace
  • Made an update to the first-time user experience to correct an error with the onboarding video player
  • Shipped an enhancement to the Onboarding Checklist to help reduce clutter
  • Corrected a validation error during the registration flow that blocked users from signing up
  • Created a new dropdown to include Epics, Iterations, and Milestones inside Docs
  • Fixed an issue where the Story shown in a Doc did not match the tooltip on hover
  • Updated Doc links to retain the link color when selected as part of a Comment
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from deleting or renaming a Doc Collection
  • Updated message when deleting Doc Collections to make it clear that Docs in the Collection will not be deleted, only the Collection will be deleted

Enhanced the visibility of search result counts in Dark Mode

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Enhanced the visibility of search result counts when in Dark Mode for easier scannability
  • Made it possible for non-owners to share Docs with other Workspace users for easier sharing
  • Improved error messaging around Comment interactions in Shortcut Docs
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Docs Collections menu from closing if the menu was open
  • Squashed a bug that caused Doc avatar popovers to appear broken

New designs for Shortcut links in Docs

What's New

New designs for Shortcut links in Docs

Progress indicators for Stories, Epics, Milestones, and Iterations give you status at a glance right in the badge without having to hover. Now, you'll see see un-started, in progress, and completed.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated Spaces to include empty Workflow States for better viewability of all Workflow States
  • Squashed a bug that caused a non-responsive Power Bar task for new non-Chrome users when they tried to select “Try a quick action with Power Bar” using the Quickstart modal
  • Refreshed the onboarding checklist to make it easier to invite teammates to a Workspace
  • Fixed a bug that caused margins to misalign and made inviting new users difficult

Relate Milestones and Iterations with Docs

Whats New

Relate Milestones and Iterations with the / in Docs

Now, you can search and relate Milestones and Iterations to a Doc. This update allows for an even deeper integration of Docs with the rest of Shortcut. Use the / to search for Milestones and Iterations. Once a Milestone or Iteration is attached to a Doc you can hover over the link to see progress and other important details. Attached Milestones and Iterations will also appear on the Relationship Panel that can be expanded using the Relationship icon in the top right of any Doc.

Create Stories more easily on the Stories Page

New functionality has been released on the Stories page for users to create Stories in an empty Workflow State. When new users go to create their first Story, it will trigger the "Create Your First Story" checklist item for a seamless and quicker onboarding experience.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Changed the Sorting and Group By behavior in Story Tables so that empty values are sorted to the bottom for better organization of Priority values.
  • Fixed a bug in the Iteration table view that caused Stories to bounce into its original position when dragging and dropping.
  • Updated tooltip text in Docs to have better contrast for linked Labels to make it easier to read text.

Collapse empty Workflow States in View Settings for cleaner views

What’s New

Collapse empty Workflow States in View Settings for cleaner views
Head to View Settings on the Stories Page to toggle Collapse empty Workflow States. This update makes it possible to reduce empty space when a Workflow State doesn’t have any Stories.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Created new Bug Space for new orgs to make filtering Bugs easier on the Stories page.
  • Fixed a bug where Bulk Edit is not populating "My Teams" correctly when selecting a Story.
  • Updated the behavior of bulk archiving on the Epics and Labels Detail pages to be consistent across Shortcut.

Check out the latest Docs table editing enhancements!

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added padding at the bottom of a Doc so menus and elements are accessible and not scrolled off to the bottom
  • Shipped an update to Docs to make Print Preview format in a better way
  • Removed checkmark for unselected items in Doc Collections that was causing confusion
  • Added the ability to underline text in Docs
  • Updated the Doc Collection dropdown in an individual Doc to more accurately show what Collections are selected
  • Squashed a bug that was causing a shadow in the Docs navigation on scroll in Safari and MacOS
  • Fixed an error state that new users sometimes experienced on the Stories Page
  • Shipped an experiment to optimize the onboarding experience with more educational resources

Docs Relationship Panel

What's New

✍️ The Docs Relationship panel is here! The Docs Relationship Panel will:
  • Help you see at a glance the work (Stories, Epics, Milestones, Iterations, and Labels) and context (Docs) that are connected to a Doc in one easy-to-scan panel
  • Easily add new relationships to Docs directly from the panel
🎨 Set Story card color by Field

Set the Story card color by Field on the Stories page using the View Settings dropdown.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added a Hide Archived option for Stories on individual Iteration Page
  • Fixed bug that caused emoji reactions to be undefined in the Activity Feed
  • Squashed a bug that caused the Project filter on the Story page to jump
  • Updated default Labels for new Workspaces to ready for design, needs qa, and release 1.0
  • Fixed a bug that caused Sample Story to fail to appear for new Organizations

Check out the new Shortcut Training Hub!

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Shipped an update to improve contrast for To Do list checkboxes in Docs when in Dark Mode
  • Improved accessibility in Docs by adding focus states to buttons in block, media, link, table, and image toolbars
  • Improved accessibility in Docs by adding focus state and selection handle to table for keyboard or mouse selection, deletion, and dragging
  • Added Docs to Dotlab so all users can explore Docs in a demo environment if they wish
  • Shipped update that triggers an email notification for new activity in a comment thread in Docs
  • Corrected a bug that caused a Field to persist in Settings when navigating back on the browser
  • Updated Shortcut learning dropdown with the new Training Hub link
  • Optimized onboarding checklist modal to improve the experience for new users to get started in Shortcut
  • Fixed bug that prevented organizations from deleting the default "Product Development" Workflow

New! Docs table colors now have stronger contrast in Dark Mode and Normal Mode

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added Priority and Severity Fields as Search Operators for the Search Page
  • Updated Workflow dropdown to show regardless of the number of Workflows in the Workspace
  • Fixed a Group By bug on the Iteration Page, so the page retains Group By settings when navigating to and from the page
  • Shipped enhancements to Docs table colors to have stronger contrast in Dark Mode and Normal Mode
  • Added tooltip when an Iteration is linked to a Doc making it possible to view more info about the linked Iteration from the Doc
  • Updated "Mention" to "Add" in the Docs edit toolbar to provide a more intuitive experience
  • Improved Docs email notification when comments are added to a Followed Doc by including User who added the update to the email
  • Fixed bug for optimized new user experience on the Stories Page
  • Shipped a new Shortcut Way page to make it easier to read
Connect the Slack Integration to Fields

Connect the Slack Integration to Fields

What's New

Connect Fields to a Slack Channel to automate communication

Set up custom rules in the Slack Integration to get updates in a Slack channel whenever a Story with a specific Field and Field Value gets created or updated!

Some ways to use this new update are:

  • Monitor high severity bugs by connecting the Severity field to a dedicated triage channel
  • Keep your org posted on the development of a specific Product Area in a dedicated squad or feature channel

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Shipped an optimization to All Docs, My Docs, and Following Docs lists to sort by "last updated" and include the last updated date in the list table
  • Renamed Recent view in Docs to Recent Docs
  • Updated onboarding emails and screen to better reflect the Shortcut brand

Shortcut Docs are here!

What's New

Docs are here to help you plan, manage, and document your work, in one unified experience in Shortcut

Today we're thrilled to roll out Docs to all Shortcut users to help plan, manage, and document work for seamless, frustration-free software development. In Shortcut, a Doc isn't just a normal doc, existing separately in another tool, like a Confluence or Notion.

A Doc is part of the Shortcut fabric, and it's linked to Stories, Epics, Milestones, Labels, and more. For example, you can highlight any text in a Doc and create a Story from that text to be forever synced across Shortcut.

We created Docs because we believe that fresh, living documentation updated in real-time is the only kind that provides trustworthy, useful written information when it comes to collaborating and building great products.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Shipped an update to My Docs, All Docs, and Following Pages for better scanability and viewability
  • Added new columns to My Docs, All Docs, and Following Pages to highlight important information like Owner, Collections, and Related to highlight important information like Owner, Collections, and Related
  • Fixed a Docs bug to allow users to add text below a code block
  • Added Priority and Severity Fields as Search Operators
  • Updated Story Importer flow with text and image optimizations to help users along the process
  • Fixed field error that appeared for users during sign-up
  • Created sign-up optimization to better personalize onboarding for new users
  • Improved the fidelity of the plan page in-app for a better user experience
  • Smashed a bug that caused an error when inviting other users

Even more fields available in the Shortcut + Zapier Integration!

What's New

We have updated the Shortcut + Zapier Integration to include:

  • Add Requester
  • Follower
  • Iteration
  • Labels
  • Owner(s)
  • Estimate(s)
  • Due Date
  • External Link(s)
  • Comment(s)
  • Task(s)

Check out this blog post for ways you and your organization can use the Shortcut + Zapier Integraton!

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added consistency and clarity to the Shortcut sign up flow

Sentry Integration updated to support Fields and Field Values and Projects are no longer required

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Updated the Sentry Integration to support Fields and Field Values and Projects are no longer required
  • Squashed a bug that only allowed users to select one Working Day in Settings (as nice as that might be!) 😂
  • Fixed Bulk Editing error that blocked update when selected Stories were in a different Workflow State
  • Corrected an error that caused a Story History bug when org is no longer using Projects
  • Updated logic that triggered incorrect message when upgrading plans from Team to Business
  • Added new feature logos to the Home dashboard to better reflect the Shortcut brand

New enhancements to our Zapier Integration!

What's New

🧹 Simplify your Workspace with the Projects toggle

Many customers have transitioned away from Projects and have opted to use Fields. If your organization is no longer using Projects you can now toggle Projects off for your Workspace by an Admin or Owner. Simplify views and remove the noise if your organization is no longer using Projects.

⚡️New enhancements to our Zapier Integration!

  • Teams is now available
  • Projects is no longer a required field, but, if left blank, you must select a Workflow+Workflow State

Learn how to set up the Zapier + Shortcut integration or check out this blog post for ideas on how to use the Zapier integration.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved popover performance across all tables
  • Fixed a bug that caused Iterations Page to break in Safari browser

Can you spot the "iconic" changes 😉 ?

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Reduced top navigation clutter to improve the tablet and mobile experience

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Reduced top navigation clutter to improve the tablet and mobile experience
  • Improved experience for new users who do not want to go through guided onboarding
  • Enhanced onboarding experience to auto-generate a Story, Epic, Milestone, and Iteration to help educate new users on the Shortcut hierarchy
  • Updated repo with an updated Dot emoji

Fixed a Slack Integration bug that prevented the correct assignment of an Owner in Shortcut

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated to Iteration Page to improve load time and performance
  • Fixed CSV exporter bug when exporting a Space
  • Squashed a bug on the Plan Settings page that cause multiple columns to appear
  • Fixed a Slack Integration bug that prevented the correct assignment of an Owner in Shortcut
  • Addressed an API schema error causing Story Title parsing errors
  • Updated tab key behavior when Story confirmation modal is opened
Slack integration includes Fields

Slack integration now includes Fields

What's New

We've upgraded our Slack Integration to include Fields

You can now set Field values directly from Slack when creating a Story from a message. Note that only enabled Fields and Values are displayed in Slack. Learn more about our Slack integration here.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Added a "Copy Permalink" to the Story created dialog box
  • Fixed a bug on the Epic Table that rendered incorrect Team information
  • Updated mobile experience, so Stories move when the move to top/bottom options are selected by the user
  • Removed max-width on Epic and Iteration Detail pages for better visibility of information on the table section
  • Corrected a bug that caused some unrelated Workflow States to appear on the Teams Page
  • Added ability for users with the 'Member' status to edit and configure Fields
  • Made enhancement so 'Load More' on the Stories Table persists for better usability
  • Fixed a bug on Story Table View that removed Group By when sorting
  • Corrected buggy behavior when using the full-screen mode shortcut
  • Updated CSV exporter to ensure all relevant Stories are included in the export unless filtered out by the user

Sorting epics by ID, Name, Stories, Points, and other details is again persistent, even when moving between pages.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug in which the sorting preference for Stories wasn't being retained on Epics pages when users moved to another page or reloaded the current one.
  • Fixed another bug that caused some users to be unable to drag Stories to an offscreen workflow state.
  • Squashed a bug that made it so Stories could not be grouped by individual state in some very specific and fairly random scenarios.
  • For the somewhat rare situation in which a user finds themselves invited to join multiple Workspaces at the same time, we improved the interface so that the Workspace with the most users is displayed at the top of the list.
  • Fixed an issue with Iterations in which sorting by anything at all would automatically remove the Group By state that the Iteration was in (assuming it had already been grouped by a state).
  • Streamlined onboarding questions to ensure we don't ask new users the same question twice.

What's New

Create custom shortcuts with the Power Bar

Create custom shortcuts with the Power Bar!

Create your own custom shortcuts for Power Bar!

Every Shortcut user can now change the default keyboard shortcuts for any command, or attach shortcuts to commands that didn’t have any default shortcuts in Power Bar to fit your preferences! Use CMD + K on a Mac or CTRL + K on a PC to launch the Power Bar, hover your mouse over an existing command, then Edit or Add a shortcut!

Auto-generate PR Titles with Product Area

Auto-generate PR Titles with Product Area

Auto-generate PR Titles with Product Area

Our latest GitHub and GitLab integration update allows users to auto-generate PR titles with Product Area if you use Shortcut to open a PR on your Stories.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed Severity Field bug that was showing disabled Field Values on filters
  • Squashed a bug that allowed Members to invite other users as Admins

New Priority and Severity Fields in Shortcut!

What's New

Prioritize your work and manage your backlog with Priority and Severity Fields

Check out the follow-up to our Fields release with two new opinionated fields - Priority and Severity Fields! The Priority Field should be used to filter and sort Stories in order of priority. The Severity Field should be used to filter and sort Stories in order of Severity.

Field Definitions and Default Field Values for Priority and Severity

Priority and Severity Field Values

Field shows up in your Workspace on:

  • Story Cards 
  • Individual Stories

Filter by Fields on the:

  • Stories Page
  • Report Page
  • Epic Detail Page
  • Teams Page
  • Status Page
  • Story Tables - new! See the gif above!

Reminder: Fields are configured at the Workspace level, and only your Admin can update the Field Values.  Field Values are set by the Admin to help your organization enforce structure and process. The fields can be enabled or disabled for the Workspace.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused glitchy text when updating Field Values in Settings

We heard your feedback - Labels are back in the Table View!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Moved Labels back under the Story name for easier scanning of information on the Table View
  • Added the ability to view Field changes in the All Followed Activity in the Activity Feed
  • Modified the Status Page to show Stories completed in the last 7 days instead of just the last 24 hours
  • Added Story Fields (Technical Area, Skill Set, and Product Area) to the outgoing Webhook
  • Updated tooltip from "Toggle sort by Story Priority" to "Toggle sort by User Defined"
  • Deployed performance improvements for the Stories Table on the Stories Page
  • Made Members the default option for new invitees to ensure new folks added to organizations don't default to an Admin role

Faster navigation, better grouping and easier scannability with the latest Table enhancements!

What's New 

New Table enhancements for faster navigation, better grouping, and easier scannability

🎯 Now, when you Group By on the Story Table Views, you can:

  • Copy a link to the Epics, Iterations, Teams, and Project directly from the Story Table
  • Navigate to the grouped by the entity for Epics, Iterations, Teams, and Projects

💪 Added functionality for more powerful Table View grouping and scannability

  • Technical Area, Skill Set, and Product Area Fields are now on Story Tables if they are enabled for the Workspace
  • Added Story Count and Points totals to the top of the grouping in the new table view for faster viewability
  • See blocking and blocked Stories in the Table Views

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated the behavior of blocked and blocking badges so that when a blocking Story is moved to a "done" state or archived, the blocked and blocking badges are removed.
  • Fixed a bug to restore Shift+Select to check multiple Stories on the Stories Table View
  • Removed a bug that was affecting Bulk Editing from the Story Card View
  • Squashed a sign-up link bug on the registration page

Start a Threaded Comment from Slack for more focused conversations

What's New

💬 Start a Threaded Comment from Slack for more focused conversations

Our latest update to the Shortcut and Slack Integration makes it possible to create a Threaded Comment in Shortcut directly from Slack. Try it out by responding to a Shortcut comment in Slack to start a Threaded Comment in Shortcut.

⚡️ New option to disable default automation for started states in the Shortcut + VCS integration

We've added a new option to disable the default VCS event handler that automatically moves a Story to the first started state when we detect any VCS activity related to the Story.

💛 Visit our new Community & Events page to stay connected with the latest happenings at Shortcut

Stay tuned with a visit to the Community & Events page to see what events we'll be at, view the recent content we've shared, and join our Discord Community to connect with a lovely network of people responsible for building great software.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved the Workflow State scroll + drag and drop behavior on the Story Page for a better user experience
  • Updated the Story Page toast behavior when creating a Story to trigger the correct message when the appropriate Space is selected
  • Fixed a bug to restore Shift+Select to check multiple Stories on the Stories Page Kanban View
  • Shipped performance updates to improve Story creation speed

New table improvements for easier viewing and editing

What's New

Check out the latest table improvements for easier viewing and editing

  • Edit Stories and Epics directly from the table view on the Iteration, Epic, and Milestone Detail Pages for faster updating
  • Bulk edit now has a limit of 500 for better performance when editing larger volumes of Stories.
  • Group by menu is more expansive for more table viewing options

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Graduated the Google Sheets Integration out of Shortcut Labs into general availability for Team, Business, and Enterprise Plans 🎉
  • Improved filter experience on Epics Page - when Team is selected, Epics are now prioritized by Team
  • Corrected a Story Card bug so that completed Story checkmarks appear as expected
  • Added the ability to view historical changes made to a Story's Field's values in the Story History section