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Week of January 17th

17 January, 2022

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Added the ability to configure branches based on Team name for our VCS Integrations
  • Fixed the ability to sort by Newest or Oldest first on Comments
  • Added the ability to re-order table rows with your keyboard
  • Updated drag and drop experience, so table tooltips are disabled when dragging
  • Added keyboard Focus State for better click/hover interaction
  • Fixed formatting on Team Page table, so Story titles are aligned
  • Ran additional A/B tests to improve the onboarding experience for new users
  • Launched an updated onboarding experience to make sign-up easier for new users
  • Moved the Latest News Icon back to the top-level navigation so that our latest product news is easier to locate

Week of January 10th

10 January, 2022

Threaded Comments

Use Threaded Comments in Stories for more focused conversations

Threaded Comments on Shortcut Stories makes it easier to quickly scan, understand, and jump into the relevant parts of a conversation without the headache of reading through every comment. Reply directly to a Comment to start a Thread and keep your conversations organized and on topic.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Updated behavior of the Clear Filters button to display only when there are filters selected
  • Removed the sneaky Dot that did not add joy
  • Ran A/B tests to improve the onboarding experience for new users

Week of January 3rd

03 January, 2022

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed the order of Epic search results in the Power Bar
  • Updated the Iteration Order in Power Bar to match the Story dialog
  • Improved keyboard accessibility of Epics and Milestones tables by making it easier to tab through fields
  • Updated tooltip on non-working days in CFD to match working days calculation
  • Enabled the ability to have an empty report filter when exporting completed Stories
Toggle off Add Joy

Toggle off Add Joy

Hate fun? Remove it in your Settings!

Don't feel like having fun? Not in the mood for confetti? Dislike memory games?

Head to your Settings and go to Your Profile to toggle off Add Joy.

Doing so will remove all Add Joy features from your instance of Shortcut. The setting is user-level and will persist for all future visits unless toggled back on.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Added Admin UI functionality to help customer success better serve customers
  • Update outdated links in operational emails due to rename

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved accessibility and keyboard navigation within the app by adding a focus state
  • Removed style prop from spaced so components use CSS styles in the API
  • Fixed misalignment of Stories on the Teams Page
  • Updated State dropdown text to have better visibility in Dark Mode
  • Fixed Page View radio buttons and query input fields so they work better with keyboards (with or without screen reader).
  • Added Help modal to Epic metrics and Epic table on the Reports Page
  • Fix error when filtering by users that don't own Epics
Epic Celebrations in Shortcut

Add Joy with Epic Celebrations in Shortcut

Add (more) Joy in Shortcut

Now there's a fun way to add (more) joy in Shortcut, so you and your team can celebrate your wins and accomplishments.

Here’s what’s new:

  • 🎉 Epic and Milestone Celebrations
  • 😴 See what happens when you stay idle for a while...
  • 🎮 Take a peek at the footer for a fun game that will keep your memory sharp
  • ⚠️ See what happens when you reach a 404 Screen (hopefully something that doesn’t happen often!)

New Workflow endpoint added to Google Sheets Integration

A new Workflow endpoint has been added to the Google Sheets Integration. The Integration allows you to connect your Story data to a Google Sheet for custom analysis and advanced reporting. Once set up, any updates that happen in your Shortcut Workspace will dynamically update to a connected Google Sheet.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed archive Epic bug in Dark Mode
  • Fixed reporting  calculation for completed Epics count discrepancies when comparing date quarters vs date halves
  • Updated State dropdown word visibility for Dark Mode
  • Prevent Stories from being assigned to an archived Team
  • Fixed displayed images Roadmap Export when in Dark Mode
  • Enable the ability to deselect followers during Epic creation
  • iPad fix to allow Workflow switching
  • Fix renewal email to reflect the correct year for an Org

Edit Milestone Tables in-line

Milestone Table Configuration and Performance Improvements

What's changed?

We've redesigned and rebuilt the Milestones table view to allow for faster performance while also making it much easier to manage your Milestones directly from the table. The new user interface is designed for a more simple, and less cluttered experience.

Milestone Management

  • Quickly add, update, and remove start & end Milestones dates directly from the table view.
  • (Clean up) Stay on top of old or stale Milestones by deleting Milestones directly from the table view.
  • View, add, and remove Milestone Categories directly from the table.
  • One-click to share a Milestone with your team by selecting the "Copy Link" action.

Drag & Drop

  • New drag & drop animation and interaction to make prioritizing your Milestones smooth as butter


  • To improve loading speed and more focused results, we've introduced a new loading pattern for the table view.

What's coming...

  • Mobile editing: You'll now be able to edit your epic and milestone details on mobile. Edit labels, dates, owners, teams.. and so on.
  • Accessibility: We're adding some great accessibility (a11y) improvements to our tables, you can now navigate and interact your keyboard with all-new focus visual states. And we've frozen certain columns for actions that are important to you — so now you won't have to scroll left or right to get to certain actions — this makes it easier for prioritizing/planning your work or archiving/managing your work.

Note: As mentioned before these will be rolled out to every Table view and these changes are also applied to Epic Tables for better UX and performance back in September 2022!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved the responsiveness of table re-ordering
  • Updated loading icons with high-fidelity Shortcut logo for signup flow
  • Story dropdown fixed auto-focus on Story dialog dropdown

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Mobile Web update: Epic and Milestone Tables improved for better editing and selecting
  • Migrate Story Permalink field to React  
  • Migrate Story ID to React  
  • Convert Story Dialog to React
  • Addressed capacity issues for faster processing of GitHub and GitLab events
  • Fixed Story Card colors to persist after a refresh

What's new: 

Additional Power Bar actions have been added:

  • Categorize Epic list by Teams, then have the Epic State as the description, and the Icon will be Epic State Type
  • Assign/unassign yourself as a Follower
  • Set/Update Followers
  • Switch Workspaces
  • Add a Task
  • Set/Update Iteration
  • Set/Update Story Type
  • Set/Update Labels 

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Teams must be associated with at least one Workflow
  • Updated our Datomic database for Story descriptions, Epic descriptions, Milestone Descriptions, Comments, and attribute groups to improve performance
  • Improve colors and images in onboarding flow for new users
  • Updated Trailing Average calculation for Cycle Time & Velocity charts so the current interval is not included
  • Include Task Owners in Story dropdown who have been assigned in a list to remove Owners from Story
More Story actions and shortcuts in the Power Bar

More Story actions and shortcuts in the Power Bar!

More Story actions and shortcuts in the Power Bar!

New Story-related actions have been added to the Power Bar that allows you to:

  • Update Story Owner
  • Update Story Epic
  • Edit Story Description
  • Rename Story Title
  • Add Comment to Story
  • Update Story Labels
  • Update Story Iteration
  • Toggle Current User as Story Owner
  • Copy ID
  • Convert Story to Epic
  • Add Task
  • Duplicate Story
  • Update Story Team
  • Update Story State
  • Update Story Estimate
  • Update Story Type
  • Update Story Followers
  • Toggle Me as Follower
Set non-working days in Shortcut for more accurate reporting

Remove weekends for more accurate reporting on all charts!

Now you can define your organization's Working Days, which will be reflected accordingly in your charts and metrics. Because who wants to work the weekend? By defining your Working Days, your data will be more accurate and useful, and your team can better manage and predict future work. We default Working Days to Monday through Friday, but if that isn't right for you, you can change it in settings.

Shortcut Story page custom card colors

Customize your Story card color

Now you can choose Teams, Projects, or Story Type to color-code your Story cards. Select the View Settings toggle to color-code Story cards by Teams, Projects, or Story Type. Please note, the Stories page color-code default is by Team.

New Teams-to-Workflow relationship

Streamline your setup with our updated Data Model

We've released changes to our Data Model that provide a more intuitive, structured, and still flexible model to organize your work.

Here's what new:

  • Teams are now associated with Workflows
  • Projects are now optional

Learn more by reading more about the new functionality on our blog.

Want help with transitioning to the new data model? Check out the guide.

Updated Burndown Chart in Shortcut

Burndown Chart enhancements for better predictability

The Burndown chart has been rebuilt to be more intuitive and useful. Here's what's new:

  1. Working Days (Reports page and Entity pages) There is now a Workspace level setting to set your Working Days. The Default Working days are Monday through Friday, inclusive. All calculations, metrics, and lines on the Burndown Chart take Working Days into account to give you a more accurate representation of your work. Currently, only the Burndown Chart accounts for non-working days, but the charts will be updated soon.
  2. Metrics (On entity pages only)
    Trailing Average Velocity - This Trailing Average Velocity will scale based on x-axis of the entity. If the entity is < 180 days, the chart uses a 7 Day Trailing Average velocity (the sum of all completed stories including stories completed during Non-Working Days divided by the number of Working Days); if the entity is >=180 days and <2 years, the chart uses a 4 week trailing average; if the entity is >= 2 years the chart uses a 3 month trailing average. For all running averages, the 
    Projected End Date - The anticipated end date is based on the Actual Stories Remaining, 7 Day Trailing Average Velocity, and Working Days.
    Required Velocity to Finish Work by Due Date - If the entity has an end date, this is the rate at which work needs to be completed for each Working Day to finish by the end date.
  3. Ideal and Projected Lines - Both lines always start today, but show up in different scenarios.
    Ideal Line: The ideal line represents the number of Stories/Points that need to be completed each interval in order to complete the entity on time. The ideal line only shows on uncompleted entities that are started or unstarted and that have a due date that is in the future. The line always starts at today. and the starting value will be the same as the "Actual Stories/Points Remaining". The line does not start decreasing until the following day and the line always ends on the due date. Entities with due dates that have already passed will not see Ideal Lines (a due date is passed if it is before today).
    Projected Line: The "Projected Line" represents the number of Stories/Points that are projected to be completed based on the average velocity of completed Stories/Points. The projected line only shows on uncompleted entities that are unstarted or started and that do not have a due date. 
Shortcut Epic Table editing

Edit inline in the Epic Table View

Newly designed, faster, Epics table is now available.

Quickly edit Epic metadata inline, or take action from the new Epic Action menu.

Customize your view of the Reports page!

Now you can reorder and choose to hide or show certain Charts on the Reports page. Use Show/Hide Charts to select what you want to see and in what order. Once you’ve selected your desired order and filters you can bookmark the URL to come back to that specific view. Or share the URL with your team to make sure everyone is looking at the same view!

Relative Date Ranges

Use the Relative Dates selector to pull reports faster!

Now you can use the Relative Dates range to filter your data on the Reports Page. Using the Date Range selector, choose relative dates (i.e., past 3 weeks, past 2 months, or last quarter). Once your desired relative date is selected, these will persist in the URL so you can bookmark and share the link. When you use this link to view data (for the past 30 days as an example), the data will change as time progresses!

Note: Dates on your Reports page reflect your Organization's UTC offset, which can be configured via Settings (gear wheel) > Workspace Settings > General Settings.

Check out our Help Center for more info.

Search for Spaces and Story Templates from the Power Bar

We have two Power Bar actions that unlock new functionality with Story Templates and Spaces.

Use CTRL+K or CMD+K to:

Create Story From Template Search for a Story Template and create a Story from a template.

Go to Space. Search for a Space using the Power Bar and navigate directly to that Space.

Shortcut Power Bar

Use the Power Bar for keyboard-friendly navigation, search, shortcuts and actions

The Power Bar is now out of Shortcut Labs! Everyone can use the Power Bar to optimize their keyboard experience with more extensive shortcuts, actions, navigation, and search. Here’s what you can do with the Power Bar today:

  • Complete actions with just the keyboard to get work done more efficiently
  • Search your Stories and Epics to quickly find what you need
  • Navigate through Shortcut just with the keyboard
  • Access help center articles from your keyboard
  • Suggest new commands you’d like to see directly from the Power Bar interface

...and much more! Learn more about the Power Bar in our blog post or get a full list of actions here.

Productboard and Shortcut Integration

Connect product strategy to execution with the new Productboard + Shortcut Integration

With the new Productboard + Shortcut integration, product teams can connect their product planning in Productboard to all the tactical product development work happening in Shortcut.

With this integration, software teams can:

  • Automatically push a Productboard feature into a Shortcut Epic.
  • Seamlessly sync development status from Shortcut back into Productboard.
  • Use auto-generated links to quickly navigate from a Shortcut Epic to a Productboard feature.

Filter the Reports page by Story Owner

Filter the Reports page by Story Owner

You can now filter the entire Reports page by Story Owner. Select one or more users (or none!) and all Charts will be filtered to only include Stories owned by the selected users.

Note: The Story Owner filter, like all filters on the Reports page, acts as an OR filter.

Shortcut Cumulative Flow Diagram

Updated Cumulative Flow Diagram with new Sum Using filter and more

The Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) empowers teams to make process changes and allows for more accurate estimating and forecasting of work. We've updated the CFD with:

  • Sum Using filter to the CFD
  • Added the CFD to the Reports Page
  • Bookmark your Chart

Here's a full summary of changes to the CFD:

  • Everywhere it appears, the CFD now has a "Sum Using" filter next to the already pre-existing "Workflow" filter. The Workflow filter still filters the chart data so that only stories pertaining to that Workflow are included in the chart's data. The Sum using filter just changes the aggregate type for the data: You can select either "Story count" to see the number of stories in each Workflow State, or you can select "Points" to see the breakdown by Story Points.
  • The CFD now appears on the Reports page, where it didn't exist previously. It obeys all top-level filters on the page. The chart-level Workflow filter works the same as the one in the Time Spent in Workflow State Chart: Using the Project filter at the top of the Reports page will narrow the available options in the chart's Workflow filter. If Marketing is selected in the Workflow filter, and the Project filter is updated to include only Projects within Engineering, the Workflow filter for the CFD will automatically switch to Engineering.
  • The CFD now appears on Project pages, where it did not exist previously. The start date is the creation date of the project, and the end date is today. If the range ends up being more than 183 days, we switch the interval to weeks, and if the range is more than 730 days we switch to months.
  • The CFD still appears on the Epic and Iteration pages, but now uses the interval calculation (see above) to determine if it should display days/weeks/months. And it now has the Sum Using filter as well to determine the aggregate type.
  • The "Sum Using" and "Workflow" filter values are now stored in the URL for all pages where the CFD exists, which means they are bookmarkable (if you always want to see Marketing by Points, bookmarking the URL will load those filter values if they're in the URL)
  • On the Reports page, as usual, users can choose the interval with the Group By filter. Day / Week / and Month are supported, but Iteration is not supported.
Shortcut Power Bar

Introducing the Power Bar

This Power Bar (available in Shortcut Labs) optimizes the keyboard experience with more extensive shortcuts, actions, navigation and search. Here’s what you can do with the Power Bar today:

  • Get work done more efficiently with keyboard shortcuts
  • Search and navigate from your keyboard
  • Access help center articles from your keyboard
  • Suggest new commands you’d like to see directly from the Power Bar interface

...and much more! Start using this Labs feature today and stay tuned as we add more functionality. You can learn more about the Power Bar in our blog post or get a full list of actions here.

Shortcut Google Sheets Integration

New Epic and Milestone Endpoints added to the Google Sheet Integration (in Shortcut Labs)

We have added the following Shortcut fields to the far-most right columns of your connected Google Sheet:

Epic fields: 

  • epic_planned_start_date

Milestone fields:

  • milestone_categories

No action is required at this time and the update should not affect your current use of the Google Sheets Shortcut integration. To learn more about the integration read about it in thisblog post.

Save and Export your Shortcut Roadmap

Save and export an image of your Roadmap for quick and easy presenting

Filter and set start and end dates to download a snapshot of your Roadmap so you can pop it into a presentation or doc to easily communicate planned work or provide a clear look at how work is progressing.

Google Sheets Shortcut Integration

New Epic and Milestone Endpoints added to the Google Sheet Integration (in Shortcut Labs)

We have added the following Shortcut fields to the far-most right columns of your connected Google Sheet:

Epic fields: 

  • Epic State (epic_state)
  • Epic is_archived (epic_is_archived)
  • Epic Start Date (epic_started_at)
  • Epic Due Date (epic_due_date)
  • Epic Created Date (epic_created_at) 

Milestone fields:

  • Milestone ID (milestone_id)
  • Milestone Name (milestone)
  • Milestone State (milestone_state)
  • Milestone Start Date (milestone_started_at)
  • Milestone Due Date (milestone_due_date)
  • Milestone Created Date (milestone_created_at)

No action is required at this time and the update should not affect your current use of the Google Sheets Shortcut integration. To learn more about the integration read about it in this blog post.

Updated Cycle and Lead Time Chart

Modify Workflow States in the Cycle and Lead Time

Modify Workflow States in the Cycle and Lead Time
Customize Start and End Workflow States in the Cycle and Lead Time Chart to better fit the way your team works. These tailored metrics can help you make more data-driven decisions around performance and identify areas for optimization.

Shortcut Roadmap

Share a cleaner, clearer timeline of your progress

Updates to Roadmap are being shipped on a rapid and ongoing basis. Here are the new features we shipped for Roadmap in April:

  • Remove Dates: Get a streamlined Roadmap view without the distraction of dates.
  • Presentation Mode: Share a clean view of progress and status with just one click.
Remove dates and Presentation Mode in the Shortcut Roadmap

Remove dates and Presentation Mode in the Shortcut Roadmap

Shortcut Teams

Organize Shortcut around your Teams

Our new "Teams" feature makes teams a first-class citizen of Shortcut, just like they are within your organization. Teams have people, they own work and they have a process to complete that work. As such, Teams in Shortcut contains Users, own Stories and Epics, and can run Iterations. By providing this thread between people, their work, and their process, Teams provides a foundation to organize around within Shortcut.

Our first release unlocks the following functionality:

  • Users can be added to Teams
  • Stories, Epics and Iterations can be assigned to Teams
  • Team updates can be sent into Slack and email
  • All pages and views can be filtered by Team
  • Filter and selection options are prioritized by Team membership

This will immediately help you:

  • Zoom-in on work relevant to your Team
  • Increase visibility and collaboration across Teams
  • Provide Teams the space to operate more effectively 
  • Stay informed of a Team's progress
  • Measure Team performance

Read more over about Teams and the vision at the blog.

Milestones on the Roadmap

Use Milestones on the Roadmap to help plan, visualize, and communicate work more effectively in one place.

The addition of Milestones next to Epics in the Roadmap makes it even easier to map short-term efforts to long-term business goals. Clean visualization keeps your team ahead of blockers, plan the best course of execution, and manage expectations with an easily digestible big picture view of everything going on.

Here's everything that's new with the Roadmap:

  • See Milestones alongside Epics
  • More filters to customize views by Quarter, Milestones, Epic States, Labels, and more
  • Share unique URLs to share views of your Roadmap
Shortcut Iteration Velocity Chart

Shortcut Iteration Velocity Chart

Track actionable Sprint metrics with our new Iteration Velocity Chart

Shortcut's newest reporting tool is our Iteration Velocity Chart. This chart enables you to track and understand your team's historical average output across Iterations and Sprints, helping you better estimate team capacity. You can also slice and dice this data by Story Type because you may not want to track your Bug work on the same level as your Feature. But, then again, you might want that, which is why we show all Story types together by default.

The chart shows how much work was completed in each past Iteration as well as the running average across multiple or all Iterations. These insights provide you with better information when making, as well as the ability to see the impact of changes on shipping velocity as your team grows and takes on new initiatives.

Shortcut API

Use the Shortcut API to find and update external links, and more!

The latest update to the Shortcut API V3 enables users to update a Story's external links and to also find all Stories associated with a given external link. Her's what's new?

  • Renamed external_tickets to external_links
  • Use the external_links parameter on POST / / PUT Story
  • New public endpoint GET external_link/stories which lets you find all stories associated with an external_link
Charts available in Shortcut Labs

We released a set of charts and reporting enhancements as part of Shortcut Labs that will help you measure performance and make better, data-driven decisions.

What are these charts and enhancements? 

  • Time Spent in Workflow State:  A chart showing the amount of time your Stories spend in each workflow state.
  • Created vs Completed:  A visual representation of the Stories you've created vs the Stories you've completed.
  • Expanded reporting dates: You can now expand your reporting beyond our original 100-day limit. Now you can go all the way back to the beginning of time or to January 2016, whichever is most recent. 

You can activate these features in your Shortcut Labs settings. Shortcut Labs is available to organizations that are on a Standard Plan or higher. Read all about it here.

Shortcut Labs

Shortcut Labs

Shortcut Labs is here! Experiment with our latest and greatest features before they're available to everyone. 

Shortcut Labs provides anyone with a Standard Plan or higher early access to new Shortcut features before they're broadly released. These features are polished and fully-supported, but are also still in development, which means your feedback can and will help shape what they become (or don't become).

Shortcut Labs is available right now. What's in the Lab today?


Visualize your work on a timeline to easily communicate upcoming plans and ongoing progress. The Roadmap is automatically filled in with your org's Epics, displaying them by start and end date, and sorting them by priority. Read more at our blog.

Shortcut Roadmap

Shortcut Roadmap

Google Sheets Integration:

Connect your Story data to a Google Sheet for custom analysis. Once set up, any updates that happen in your Shortcut Workspace will dynamically update to a connected Google Sheet.

Shortcut Google Sheets Integration

Shortcut Google Sheets Integration

Updated Burndown Charts

Feel the burn with our updated Burndown Chart! 🔥

We've updated the Burndown Chart to provide you with more insightful information at a glance! In addition to the Ideal Stories Remaining and Actual Stories Remaining lines, you'll now see bars for Stories Completed, Stories Added, and Stories Removed. Learn more about Burndown Charts here.

Update Shortcut VCS Integrations

Git more done with our updated VCS Integrations

The workflow between GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Shortcut is now stronger than ever. Set up customizable GitHelpers, take advantage of open work auto-detection, utilize Draft PR support, and even more! Learn what's new in the blog post.

New Navigation in Shortcut

Shortcut has a new coat of paint!

Our updated navigation and Story cards aren't just prettier, they also make Shortcut even easier to use. Watch the video to see what's new and read more about it in the blog post.

Import from JIRA into Shortcut

Switch to Shortcut in 3 easy steps using the Jira Importer

Import your projects from Jira.

Import your data from Trello

Emoji Reactions in your Activity Feed!

When someone reacts to a comment in a Story you follow, it will show up in your Activity Feed.

Try out the new Navigation design (beta). Enable the new design in your Settings.

The Story dialog now shows the completed/total Task count, in the new and old navigation.

The new Story card design in the new Navigation (beta) will have completed and total Tasks represented on the Story card.