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Automatically keep your work and documentation completely in sync.LearnaboutDocs.

Gain clear insights into ongoing work

Drive better performance and results with our highly customizable and filterable reporting

See how on target you are

Burndown Charts let you see how much work is left on a given project compared to the amount of time left, or predict completion of work based on historical performance.

Plan around your team's velocity

Velocity Charts detail exactly what work has been completed in set time frames, helping you plan what can get done in the future.

Get insight into your process

Cycle Time tells you what it takes to move a Story from started to done, while Lead Time tells you what it takes to move a Story from created to started.

Discover and tackle bottlenecks

See how much time each Story is spending in a given Workflow state (like QA or Backlog). Strategically arrange resources where Stories are most likely to get held up.

Visualize created vs completed work over time

Visualize the pacing of work by measuring the ratio of completed to created work. Are you generating more than you're able to do?

Build your own

Shortcut's API provides an even greater amount of control over your data. Use our Google Sheets integration for a continuous data steam as well as CSV exports for a snapshot.