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Illustration by Michele Rosenthal

Illustration by Michele Rosenthal

Labels for Epics and Milestones!


Labels in Shortcut have long been a fast and flexible way to link Stories together conceptually. Shortcut organizations use labels to highlight a theme, indicate relative importance, or model sprints.

Over time, many users expressed a desire to bring that flexibility to Epics and the newly introduced Milestones feature — and now you can!

Starting today, all Milestones and Epics can be labelled in the same manner (and from the same pool!)as Stories.

Adding Labels to Milestones

To add a label to a Milestone, click into the individual Milestone and press ‘Add Labels’. You can create a new label or use an existing one.

The Shortcut Milestone menu with Labels

Adding Labels to Epics

In order to add a label to an Epic, just navigate to that Epic’s page and select Edit Labels.

The Shortcut Epic menu with Labels!

All progress against Labels will be tracked on the Labels page (which now tracks Epic and Story progress), and you can also now filter against the Label on the Stories page to see all associated Stories and Epics.

More on Labels in Shortcut can be found in our Help Center. Try it out and let us know what you think!

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