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Meet the team: Jeremy Heiler, Software Engineer


What Do You Do?

I am an engineer working on the API server. I also co-founded Papers We Love. In my spare time, I like to bowl, read science-fiction, and drink coffee.

Jeremy with his son

Why Shortcut?

I’ve been working with Clojure for 4–5 years now and being able to continue doing that was a big draw for me. I’ve also never worked on a product that I could also use myself; so being able to use the software I help build is exciting.

What is Papers We Love?

Papers We Love is a community of meetups (and a conference) where people are invited to present academic computer science papers that they really enjoyed. It grew out of a reading group I had with a few former co-workers, and it ended up expanding it to a larger community. Our mission is to help bridge the gap between academia and industry.

What is one of your favorite papers?

I read the paper “Parsing with Derivatives” by Matt Might et al. after attending a meetup about taking the derivative of regular expressions. I was already interested in parsing techniques, I read the paper and begin implementing it in Clojure. David Nolen recently gave PWL talk in NYC about Parsing with Derivatives. I highly recommend the video, as David does an excellent job explaining the paper, and Matt Might ends up answering a few questions.

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