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The Twelve Days of Integrations: Figma

Richard Huffaker

It’s that time of year again, though it may not quite feel it. The leaves have taken their time falling from the trees, department stores are playing “Happy Holidays” on a loop to almost entirely empty rooms, and I’m wearing some pink sweatpants I bought last month because it makes not leaving my house feel slightly more festive. 

To celebrate, Shortcut is highlighting twelve of our integrations with a detailed write up alongside their own little digital snow globes. We hope you return every day to enjoy these posts alongside your tinglers and fuzzles, your dafflers and wuzzles, and your delicious pot (or Beyond meat) roasts. 

Our third featured integration is one our designers spend a lot of their own time in. Figma

On this Third Day of Integrations, Shortcut gives to you: a Figma in a... pretty much anything you want. Like all web apps, Figma is a digital abstraction, making it difficult to place on a pear tree or with a small gaggle of French hens.

Art, design, and illustration are older than civilization.

Before we raised livestock, we painted their wild cousins on the walls of caves.

Before we domesticated cats, we crafted statues of anthropomorphic lions and other animals. The Lion-man of the Hohlenstein-Stadel, created some 40,000 years ago, is essentially the first mascot.

Before we cultivated wheat, we engraved things that occasionally looked vaguely like wheat onto stone.

All of this was accomplished without even the bare minimum of collaboration tools, or much in the way of any tools at all. Thankfully for modern designers, Figma makes it far easier to present and collaborate on their artistic works-in-progress than our stone age cousins ever could, allowing anyone, anywhere to work together on the same design file.

Our Figma integration is simple, useful, and doesn't require you to turn anything on in order to use it.

How does it work? 

The integration enables live preview embeds of your public Figma files. When a Figma link is pasted into any text field in Shortcut that supports markdown, a live preview will appear.

And live means live: when a designer makes a changes to the a design, whether they tweak padding or try a new font color, the embedded Figma preview will automatically update in real-time in Shortcut.

Additionally, the link will also show up as accessible via the External Tickets section of the Story.

And you can quickly see which Stories have Figma links attached by glancing at a Story's tool tips.

Shortcut is for collaboration. Figma is for collaboration. Together we create a sort of super collaboration, the likes of which not a single early Hominid artist could have ever imagined.

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