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Automatically keep your work and documentation completely in sync.LearnaboutDocs.

We bring product and engineering together

Shortcut unites planning and development into a single experience with tightly integrated Docs, Issue Tracking, and Sprint Planning features.

Watch our video below.

Thousands of teams around the world are building software with Shortcut.

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Meet our customers

Shortcut empowers Devs and PMs to do great work.

Zoom in, zoom out

Switch between task boards, weekly sprints, and quarterly planning in one click.

Shortcut provides the ability to work on a task list at the smallest level where I can check things off, all the way up to tracking my entire company's engineering velocity at the milestone level.
John Kodumal, CTO/Co-Founder of LaunchDarkly
John Kodumal, CTO / Co-Founder
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Connect work to a Doc

Create Stories directly from a Doc, or link a new Doc to existing work. Docs and work stay in sync, forever.

With Shortcut, we are able to track issues and collaborate successfully across departments. Managers and execs can trust the latest information is in Shortcut without interrupting the team.
Christine Spang, CTO / Co-Founder, Nylas
Christine Spang, CTO / Co-Founder
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Work plus context

Shortcut pulls in relevant info from GitHub, Slack, Figma, and other apps. Never work in a silo.

The API provided by Shortcut is extensive. Anything you can think of wanting to accomplish as a human in Shortcut, your code can accomplish with the API.
Henry Hutcheson, Software Engineer, FullStory
Henry Hutcheson, Software Engineer
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Trackable progress

Use cycle and lead time reports, burndown charts, and other reports to keep an eye on how efficiently your org is working.

Scalable & customizable

Whether your org has two people or two thousand, Shortcut’s flexible structure means we can adapt to your needs instead of you adapting to ours.

The hub for all your work

From GitHub to Slack, we offer integrations with tools you love, tools you like, and tools you may even feel kinda meh about. Plus, you can write your own integrations with our API.

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