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Use Threaded Comments in Stories for more focused conversations

Tiffany Go

We've all looked at a lengthy conversation where you realize that it might take a while to read through every comment to understand what's going on.

If only there was a way to quickly scan what topics are being discussed so you can understand what's going on in a Story without having to read every single comment. Enter: Threaded Comments.

More scannable and focused conversations in Stories

Now you can use Threaded Comments on Shortcut Stories to quickly scan, understand, and jump into the relevant parts of a conversation without the headache of reading through every comment.

Reply directly to a Comment to start a Thread and keep your conversations organized and on topic.

The updated structure of Threaded Comments unlocks the ability to absorb conversations in a more organized way and collaborate on work more efficiently. Check out Threaded Comments:

Without Threaded Comments

🎉 Threaded Comments 🎉

What we're thinking about next

We want to find more ways to make collaborating on work easier and more intuitive.

For example, when you're looking at a conversation in a Story, it can be hard to see what has been decided. We want to make it easier to see those decisions. Here is a concept we are exploring:

Concept: Mark a decision

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