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Customer Stories

Thirty Madison

How Thirty Madison scaled with Shortcut during explosive growth

Vanta logo illustration with llama and employees

Why Vanta sees Shortcut as the perfect balance of structure and usability

OCV employee photographed with Fire Department that uses their app
OCV Logo

OCV uses Shortcut to bring their teams and systems together switched from Trello to Shortcut so they could tell better Customer stories


How VTEX helps their Software Engineers work happier with Shortcut

Members of the Smith team celebrating over dinner
smith uses Shortcut’s API to save time for both their receptionists and engineers


Glitch got 40 engineers onboarded and collaborating in Shortcut 15 minutes after signup


Dataiku uses Shortcut to greatly improve product prioritization and cross-team collaboration


Geckoboard outgrew Trello and migrated to Shortcut for more flexibility and improved backlog management


Masabi switched to Shortcut to provide their team the space and autonomy to create a better experience for their riders


Splice uses Shortcut as their central hub for tracking projects, tasks, and objectives


ModCloth consolidated their use of Trello and Pivotal Tracker with Shortcut for a more flexible workflow


FullStory leverages the Shortcut API to build and customize their own integrations

GROW’s software development teams use Shortcut to help make it dirt simple to grow food


PolicyGenius chose Shortcut to improve the onboarding experience for new engineers

Dignity Health

Dignity Health cut down on meetings by using Shortcut for their 1,000+ person organization


LaunchDarkly uses Shortcut to stay focused and in-sync as they deliver new features

MultiScale Health Networks onboard most of their company to Shortcut to gain more visibility into productivity


MakeSpace uses Shortcut to keep their teams on track towards making storage easier for their customers

Technology-driven companies love Shortcut

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