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Automatically keep your work and documentation completely in sync.LearnaboutDocs.

Organize KPIs and other org level goals

Connect broad company goals to the individual work that is pushing the progress towards those goals.

Track progress toward larger goals with Milestones

Use Milestones (collections of Epics) to represent a larger initiative with a common goal.


Align and engage your organization

See every goal and supporting Epic all in one place.

Easily visualize and share plans

The direct sync between Milestones, Epics, Docs, and Stories makes it simple to see exactly what's being worked on and why.

Identify bottlenecks

The ease of zooming in and out from larger goals to specific work ensures any issues are quickly surfaced.

Celebrate wins together

Everyone can see when a larger project or KPI is completed. The celebrating can commence immediately.

Connect to Docs to provide context

Milestones do more than just list out work, they also directly connect to the plans you make for ongoing work. See context, see progress, see everything.