Looking for Clubhouse? You've found it. But as of September 7th ournewnameisShortcut.

Shortcut Labs

Shortcut Labs gives you early access to our latest and greatest features

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Shortcut Labs provides anyone with a Standard Plan or higher early access to new Shortcut features before they're broadly released. These features are ready to use, but are also still in development, which means your feedback can and will help shape what they become (or don't become).

Shortcut Labs is available right now. Watch the video below and / or read the blog post below to learn more.

An Overview of Shortcut Labs

Features in Shortcut Labs


Visualize your work on a timeline to easily communicate upcoming plans and ongoing progress. The Roadmap is automatically filled in with your org's Epics, displaying them by start and end date, and sorting them by priority.

Read more about the Roadmap feature in this post.

Shortcut Roadmap drag and drop to adjust priority

Shortcut Roadmap drag and drop to adjust priority

Google Sheets Integration:

Connect your Story data to a Google Sheet for custom analysis. Once set up, any updates that happen in your Shortcut Workspace will dynamically update to a connected Google Sheet.

Read more about how the Google Sheet Integration works in this post.

Shortcut Google Sheets Integration

Shortcut Google Sheets Integration

Coming soon: Advanced Reporting

Time Spent in Workflow State Chart

Identify patterns and bottlenecks by analyzing time spent per Workflow State. This chart appears on the Reports page, in its natural habitat alongside all the other charts.

Shortcut Time Spent in Workflow State Chart

Shortcut Time Spent in Workflow State Chart

Created vs Completed

Track the ratio of stories being created to stories completed. Understand if incoming work is keeping pace with completed work, see bug volume (high as ever!), and more.

Shortcut Created vs. Completed Chart

Shortcut Created vs. Completed Chart

How to access Shortcut Labs features

Each feature available in Shortcut Labs can be toggled on or off. An Owner or Admin within your Org can flip these switches. They're found under the Workspace Features section in Settings. Head to our Help Center for more information on how to access Labs.

Toggle Shortcut Labs features on and off in Settings

Toggle Shortcut Labs features on and off in Settings

If you're on the Free Plan, then an Admin or Owner within your Org would need to upgrade your account to Standard.

Never used Shortcut before? Well, there’s no time like the present.

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Because you shouldn't have to project manage your project management. 

You get early access to new features. We get feedback. We improve those features. You get newer, different features. The cycle goes on.

We hope you're excited to try out all the new stuff in Labs, and we look forward to shaping those features through your feedback!