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Shortcut VCS Integrations

Shortcut VCS Integrations

Git more done with our updated VCS Integrations

Tiffany Go

Our VCS integrations are now even more integrated. Git ready, git excited, and git more done! Also, maybe git slightly annoyed at our overuse of the word Git in this blog post.

New Git VCS Integrations

The workflow between GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Shortcut is now stronger than ever thanks to these additions:

  • Setup your preferred naming convention with customizable GitHelpers
  • Smarter controls with open work autodetection
  • More control over drafts with Draft PR support
  • Better bidirectional syncing with GitHub Autolink Support
  • Tell a PR to skip updating it's associated Shortcut Story
  • And even more! 

Read on and/or watch the video below to learn what's new, but take note that not every new feature is available with every integration.

Watch the video to see the new features (using GitHub as an example).

Set your preferred naming convention with customizable GitHelpers

Available with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket Integrations

If the default format from the Git Helper doesn’t match your own branch naming conventions, you can change it to whatever else you want. As long as the branch includes /ch###/ you’re good to go.

We've included a number of presets to choose from, but if you want to fully customize the formatting, select the Custom Format option at the bottom of this list of presets to select which attributes (and their order) should be part of the branch name.

Customize your Git branch formatting

Smarter controls with open work auto-detection 

Available with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket Integrations

Our integration can now detect “open work” that’s associated with a Story when determining when to execute our “PR Opened” or “Branch Merged” event handler. If any open work exists, then the handler is not invoked.

What constitutes “open work”?

  • Another open Pull Request being associated with the Story other than the PR that is triggering the event. If you have multiple PRs associated with a Story, taking action with just one of them will not move the Story forward.  
  • A non-deleted, non-merged Branch other than the branch that led us to the Story from the event (this could be a branch that we found via the tree of merges (in which case it would be merged already) on a push event or the branch for a PR from a PR event. 
Story with an unmarked branch

Above we can see that this Story's state hasn't updated because there's an unmarked Branch associated with the Story

More control with Draft PR support 

Available with our GitHub and GitLab Integrations

If you open a pull request as a Draft in GitHub or as a WIP in GitLab, this will no longer trigger the Shortcut event handler to update the associated Story’s status. We’ll now recognize it as a draft and ignore it.

However, when you move it from a Draft / WIP PR to an Open PR, the Event Handler will trigger and update the Story.

Draft PRs do not trigger our event handlers

Better bidirectional syncing with GitHub Autolink Support

Available with our GitHub Integration

Link a GitHub commit to a Shortcut Story by using [ch-xxx] in the title or body. This takes advantage of the GitHub autolink feature and so it needs to be initially configured within GitHub before you can put it to use.

Tell a PR to skip updating Shortcut 

Available with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket Integrations

You can now stop a PR from updating or moving a Story. Simply write [skip-ch] in the title or the body of the PR or label the PR with skip-ch (this label option is not available in Bitbucket).

Writing [skip-ch] or labeling a PR as skip-ch will cause the PR to not update the Shortcut Story

Faster commands with associating commits via long URL

Available with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket Integrations

You can link a commit to a Story by entering the Story URL in the commit message. Like so:

See Pull Request labels in Shortcut

Available with GitHub and GitLab Integrations

Labels associated with pull requests are now displayed within Shortcut Stories. Hover over the PR within the Story pane to see them.

See status updates with enhanced Shortcut PR UI

Available with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket Integration

See the status of a Pull Request from right inside the Story pane:

  • Review required
  • Changes requested
  • Approved

And see the build status of a PR too:

  • In progress
  • Failed
  • Successful

These updates bring significantly more functionality to our VCS integrations. If you’re already using one of them, these new features will automatically appear for you and should be working as of now.

But if you’re not already using one, they’re easy to set up and make Shortcut a more helpful part of your workflow. Visit our Help Center to git started (you didn’t think we’d pass up one more chance to say “git” did you?) and learn how to set up any of our VCS integrations.

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