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Milestones are major!


Milestones in Shortcut’s Shortcut

Teams have long asked for a way to do longer-term planning in Shortcut; so we solicited a lot of user feedback to help us think about how best to provide such a view.

Suggestions were as varied as adding additional Epic workflow states to locking certain Epics and Stories so that they could not be picked up. We ultimately settled on leaving Epics and Stories unchanged and instead creating Milestones.

Milestones are collections of Epics, which in turn are collections of Stories. Milestones are designed to provide a simple but high-level view of what has been done, what is being worked on, and what is planned.

The Milestones Page and individual Milestone pages also provide you with the Milestone’s workflow state, number of Epics, number of Stories, and how it is progressing towards 100% done.

Our larger goal is to provide a timeline view of your organization’s work and provide a better understanding of what you’ve done in the past so that you set more realistic plans for the future.

As such, we offer a Milestones filter in Reports and will be adding more reporting against Milestones in the coming months.

We encourage you to try out this new feature (which is still in beta) and we welcome your earnest feedback as we continue to improve it.

Check out the Milestones Help Center article to learn more and get started.

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